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Faulty Genes and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 15, 2012

China has a lot of people. Take a ‘1’ and a ’34’ and then throw an assload of 0’s behind it and that is how many people suffer through their days in this dump.

So this volume of people got me thinking. We all realize that today China has about 4 times as many people as the land of milk and honey, but did you also know that the China of today has about 2.25 time as many people as AMERICA EVER DID! Yeah, it’s true.

They say that about 70% of all people who live are living today. Thus by doing the math, we see 300 million times 1.7 = 510 million. Actually another site has done the math and shown that the true number of people who have lived in America may be as high as 550 million.

Fair enough, lets take 550 million as the number of people who have lived in America over its entire history. This means that the China of today has (1340/550= 2.43) 2.43 more people than the US ever did.

2.43 represents how many people that the China of today has for EACH AND EVERY AMERICAN WHO EVERY EXISTED. Yeah , so for each George Washington we’ve had, China should have 2.43.

When thinking of it like this one has to wonder wtf is wrong with these people. I mean where are their 2.43
-Steve Jobs
-Thomas Edisons
-Henry Ford
-William S Burroughs


Ok, you may be a china apologist and say ‘but hey China had the cultural revolution which ruined many people.”

Although I would reply that your ignorance does not merit the energy required to peck away at my keyboard and expose your ignorance, but I will entertain you, just as we do those ‘special people’ who wear helmets to school.

Ok dum dum

first off, China has been around before communism so where were the geniuses before the formation of communist China? And if we assume that the period of 1966-76 ruined some folks then why do we not see a proportionate amount of Chiense in MIT Technology review’s innovators under 30, all of whom were hatched after the tumult of the 60’s? Check it out.

wtf is wrong with these people.

Ok, you say …blah blah blah and then offer some lame excuse for the Chinese to which I would say ,

“Ok if we ignore academics, what about athletics, and the arts:

Where are their 2.43:
-Muhammad Ali’s
-Rocky Marciano
-Mike Tyson
-Bob Beamon
-Jessie Owens
-Michael Jordan
_kaerrem Abdul Jabaar
-Wilt Chamberlain
-Jimmy Connors
-Billy Jean King
-Bob Feller
-Nolan Ryan
-Jack Johnson

just to name a few

And if for some reason your pea brain is still defending them, then I say, ok for whaever reason they suck at sports – genes?

Then how about the arts-
-Marilyn Monroe
-Racquel Welch
-Jennifer Anniston
-Hank Williams and his son
-Buddy holly
-Stephen King
and on and on

For each of these plus all the others we’ve had the Chinese should have 2.43 and they don’t . You really have to wonder if these guys didnt get a ‘heaping helping’ of the ‘suck gene’.

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