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Death Milk, Communists and Cheeseball Chinese Ads

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 17, 2012

The Chinese are known for a lot of stuff, like their four famous inventions: corruption, sloth, mass addiction and cowardice in battle. Aside from those, however, there are some new ones. Most notably, they have become the ‘murder milk’ capital of the world.

While I am no anthropologist- or whatever it is that would study this sort of thing, but I have never heard of a country cornering the market on adding toxins to milk such as to render it inedible/drinkable and deadly when done.

But to look at this ad, one would never know it. The add has some healthy milk cows playing in the background as a one child burden looks lovingly up at an ‘old yeller’ or paint faced woman of indeterminate age.

The real caption of the ad should be

“Dont worry little burden. Your thieving daddy will steal enough money from the poor people of China so you don’t have to grow up in this shit hole and can join your cousins who have already purchased houses abroad. Now give me all the hong baos you have collected and go hit the books,
I’m busy now, mama’s got an ‘English lesson’…. by the way, have you seen my tube of KY?

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Brew – AKA The Poet on China and Tech

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 17, 2012

From Brewskie

“Oh-oh, Beijing and Shenzhen have suspended construction of maglev rail systems. The technical problems they say may take a long time to resolve. Gee… shouldn’t these guys learn to correctly build high-speed rail systems before mastering a more difficult technological challenge?


It’s like Chinese car companies trying to master EV technology when they still can’t build a decent internal combustible engine. Sorta like a white trash loser suddenly declaring he’s going to attend a university to become an engineer, when he doesn’t even have sufficient 9th grade math skills.

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Fu Er Dai- Or Foolish Second Generation Chinese Ignorance

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 17, 2012

China has a thing called fu er dai or rich second generation. These are the offspring of communists and other thieves who have stole the land from their rightful owners.
They tend to be ignorant and ill informed with mis happen heads.

On a related note, some genius just sent this comment refuting the fact about the hideous Chinese smog.
Funny thing is that I have about 700 pics that show just how horrible the air is here.
“foreigner lie!! is not true. u.s. lie to make china look bad. fact is from Beijing’s Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau: In 2011, Beijing enjoyed 286 days of “blue skies,” or 78.4 percent of the year.

This is best air in China and our capital is blue sky and improve more and more!!! Like all CHINA!!!!! welcome to china!!!I so proud to be chinese! we are much better than the western citys! air and life is best!!! strong worldpower china!!! so proud to be chinese!!!! so, foreigners jealous to china and make fake numbers!! stupid foreigners!

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Chinese Pollution

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 17, 2012

According to the US embassy, the air pollution right now is 398 at 11 pm.
To put this level of pollution into perspective consider that anything above 50….yeah 50…is considered dangerous.
The throat polyps Ive been coughing up are a testament to the horrible Chinese air quality
check it

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Flowers of War, Another Shitty Chinese Product

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 17, 2012

China debuted some flick called flowers of war. Not surprisingly it sucked hard and had few humans in attendance when it opened up in the land of freedom.
The locals are upset, they cannot understand why a heavy handed portrayal of some event that is as obscure to humans as morals to a chinaman, would not incite a level of rancor against the dreaded nipponese.
What they fail to consider is that we don’t give a shit. What do they expect? When 80 to 90 % of them cheered our despair on 9/11 and just recently mourned the death of Osama, how should we feel about them?
Truth be told, if the nipponese had not left this place, they d be making quality product by now.


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China Never Changes

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 17, 2012

This passage was written 150 years ago, but still applies today…
“A Bit of Old China-new (Charles Warren Stoddard)

Turn which way we choose, within two blocks, on either hand we find nothing but the infinitely small and astonishingly numerous forms of traffic on which the hordes around us thrive. No corner is too cramped for the squatting street cobbler; and as for the pipe-cleaners, the cigarette-rollers, the venders of sweetmeats and conserves, they gather on the curb or crouch under overhanging windows, and await custom with the philosophical resignation of the Oriental.”

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