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Chinese Pollution

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 17, 2012

According to the US embassy, the air pollution right now is 398 at 11 pm.
To put this level of pollution into perspective consider that anything above 50….yeah 50…is considered dangerous.
The throat polyps Ive been coughing up are a testament to the horrible Chinese air quality
check it

11 Responses to “Chinese Pollution”

  1. wangzhang said

    foreigner lie!! is not true. u.s. lie to make china look bad. fact is from Beijing’s Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau: In 2011, Beijing enjoyed 286 days of “blue skies,” or 78.4 percent of the year.

    This is best air in China and our capital is blue sky and improve more and more!!! Like all CHINA!!!!! welcome to china!!!I so proud to be chinese! we are much better than the western citys! air and life is best!!! strong worldpower china!!! so proud to be chinese!!!! so, foreigners jealous to china and make fake numbers!! stupid foreigners!

    you read here.

  2. imikespock said

    Everyone I know,who has come back from ‘the peoples Republic’,has come back with some kind of respiratory ailment.

    • wangzhang said

      you lie foreigner.fact is: air in china is the very healthy.rich in minerals and good for body.university in china (china university is best in world!!! with the most patent and innovation and leader!!!)prove that air quality is best than the western countries.this is reason why people in china get very old! also china is leader here.you brainwash white foreigners very stupid.but soon you serve our country and serve our chinese race.then is better for peace and harmony in world!then you learn to speak truth and you living according to best culture in world. our chinese culture. in all world!!!!!!!!!! only CHINA!!!!! soon you stop lie!!!

      • imikespock said

        hahaha! Ta ma de ta ma de!!! you idiot! I can tell your people the TRUTH,using a proxy server.
        Try to ‘Baidu that,pissant.

      • wtdevflnt said

        Oddly enough they either
        1- will not believe you
        2- know the truth and try to escape while the other 1,339,999,999,999 people suffer, all the while singing the praises of uncle red the villainous bstrd…

      • wangzhang said

        how you know truth?only chinese know truth about china!!!!!!!!!!!!only in china the country and the chinese know truth!!!!!not foreigners brainwash cnn lies!!!you not know CHINA!!!you not understand our chinese people and CHINA!!!!shut mouth stupid!stop hurting feeling of our people and insult you low white ugly stupid dog!!!hahaha you stupid!!you no civilization and culture like chinese,you are low.no use speak with you!!!!

      • wtdevflnt said

        Yes CNN is outlandish, just watch CCTV and they will tell ya…
        Why are you studying overseas?

      • Brewskie said

        I sort of half-wonder if Wangzhang isn’t joking about the matter.

        BTW, wtdevflnt… sorry for the absenteeism lately, I’ve had a lot of stuff going on recently.

      • wtdevflnt said

        Ya gotta wonder, but then again the fu er dai or second generation whose parents got rich from corruption are a foolish lot…
        welcom back Brewskie

      • wtdevflnt said

        In Beijing lung cancer, throat and stomach cancer is all you get. I repeat, why are you in the EU? I guess you did not get accepted into Beida?

    • wtdevflnt said

      Yeah my black lung is acting up. No kidding, I sleep with a mask now.

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