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Death Milk, Communists and Cheeseball Chinese Ads

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 17, 2012

The Chinese are known for a lot of stuff, like their four famous inventions: corruption, sloth, mass addiction and cowardice in battle. Aside from those, however, there are some new ones. Most notably, they have become the ‘murder milk’ capital of the world.

While I am no anthropologist- or whatever it is that would study this sort of thing, but I have never heard of a country cornering the market on adding toxins to milk such as to render it inedible/drinkable and deadly when done.

But to look at this ad, one would never know it. The add has some healthy milk cows playing in the background as a one child burden looks lovingly up at an ‘old yeller’ or paint faced woman of indeterminate age.

The real caption of the ad should be

“Dont worry little burden. Your thieving daddy will steal enough money from the poor people of China so you don’t have to grow up in this shit hole and can join your cousins who have already purchased houses abroad. Now give me all the hong baos you have collected and go hit the books,
I’m busy now, mama’s got an ‘English lesson’…. by the way, have you seen my tube of KY?

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