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China Abusing the Elderly

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 19, 2012

China is raising their retirement age which is 55 and 60 for women and men in public service. These ages were set 50 years ago when china was filled with slack jawed peasants who were ignorant of the world.
As china modernizes they guess they need more than a simple pound of flesh. So they are pushing the latest raft of ignorant slack jawed peasants to work more.
The impact will be more useless laborers , who, lacking the skill and awareness of humans, shuffle forth each day and clog the subways and bus stops while they toil away for pennies making steamed buns, food on sticks and selling fake faipiao outside the Beijing train station.
The one child burdens are upset as not only do they have to take care of these old fools, but now the old coots are even taking their jobs.

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