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China Playing the Race Card- Delisted Company Clean Tech Sues

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 19, 2012

China has decided that its not only good enough to bilk the locals , so they have decided to steal from us as well. The result is a bevy of Chinese companies listing stocks in the USA.

Sorry to say this, but I have no pity for you if you got burned by purchasing a Chinese stock, you should have known better. In a country where they’ll feed poison to children, killing them, just to make a buck or two, do you really think they’d play nice when it comes to things like book keeping and such?

So last year a ton of Chinese companies got delisted, meaning they can no longer sell shares to the good people of the USA.
One of those companies has cried foul and is playing the race card. Clean Tech, another made in china good that promises a lot but delivers little is suing the USA after being desisted. They claim , among other things, racial profiling.

The racial profiling claim comes from some alleged comment by a guy who said he wanted to send a stern message to Chinese companies. While it may sound harsh, but the truth at time is isn’t it? The comment he made is akin to saying that ‘we really need to be careful of Muslims, especially those from saudi arabia who have trained in Afghanistan, when they board American planes. After all, 16 of the men who blew up the twin towers had that profile didn’t they?

Of course by playing the race card and crying racial profiling, the C? Chinese and Arlen Specter, a moan who should be C? Chinese by virtue of the gaping hole he has where a soul should go, will no doubt catch the ears of minorities across the US.

For over a decade now, racial profiling has been the catch-all for getting oneself out of trouble. Rob a bank then get caught, the reason you were stopped, racial profiling. Lose your job due to poor work, racial profiling, or something similar.

My question is, will we Americans finally wake up and say we’ve had it? Our courts are clogged enough with real cases that matter, matter to those of us who live in the USA, will die there and pay taxes there. Do we really need to expend time and energy on some Chinese made piece of junk that over promises and under performs all due to the fact that they chose the catch all, race card, an almost sure fire way to win a lawsuit in the American 32st century.

The answer is to not be ignorant an stay away from most things Chinese. And if you don’t then do not complain as you’ve as much a part of the problem as they are.
story here

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