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God Bless America- What About S. Carolina?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 24, 2012

Interesting factoid from Brew man
“Interesting fact: S Carolina picks the Republican nominee (not presidential winner). Newty won. Here’s some facts about S Carolina.

1. Held out of Revolutionary war; (happily) occupied by the British during war.

2. 40% of its population before the end of the Civil War were slaves.

3. Made it illegal for slave owners to free slaves.

4. First state to secede.

5. First state to implement segregation in factories.

6. Among first state to implement Jim Crow laws.

7. KKK has strong historical roots in S Carolina.

8. Currently has 10% unemployment and Tea Party fascist for governor.

Talk about traditional family values!

4 Responses to “God Bless America- What About S. Carolina?”

  1. Brewskie said

    Wtdevflnt, again, you’re not going to like this. Previously, I about spit coffee on my computer when I saw the Beijing PM reading that was so ridiculous, it could have stretched to the Andromeda constellation and back; but fate is harsh and cruel – it’s brushing against and flaking the dreams of hard-working, hard-saving Chinese like delicate paint in their new homes.

    15,600. Is the number of Wall Street barons who should be freezing in their jock straps in Siberia, cracking quarry stones with their skulls for Kim Jong-un; slurping gutter oil or testing baby formula for the good of the Chinese? Conservatively, yes; but this is the number of corruption cases uncovered in CCP-funded engineering projects in 2010.

    That number must have sent Tex Avery’s ghost into Hu Jintao’s jaw as it crashed to the floor, sounding like an anvil, tongue rolling out like the red carpet. The CCP cadres responded with the indomitably of a battalion of PLA mama’s boys facing a giant loogie from 3 Gorges: they sent roughly $740,000 (not million or billion: just $740,000) to smoke out the no do-gooders, with 210,000 problems – like poor construction or bribery – uncovered.

    The bribe-happy CCP – some of the most disearnest, despicable bastards in the world; an entity whose sole intellectual property claim should BE corruption – uncovered over 15,000 corruption cases surrounding engineering projects – while sitting on the john!!! If some spare KTV change and lazy ADD losers uncovered 210,000 “problems,” what the hell else is wrong?

    Remember the man making the analogy of the Soviet toilet: “If they can’t get this right, what else is wrong?” Well, there’s a brown cruise ship piloted by Hades swirling around somewhere, following the path of least resistance on the maiden voyage.

  2. Brewskie said

    Oh… commenting about South Carolina… Yeah, it’s true. S Carolina always picks the Republican nominee for the presidential election. Newty was driven out in disgrace as House Speaker by his own Party; the only thing shorter than life by the sickly Yellow (red?) River is Americans’ memory retention.

  3. eurotrash said

    But they also hate chinky chinks though

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