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Maggots in Rice- How China Views Women

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 24, 2012

Back home dad’s call their girls things like ‘sugar pie’ ,’ daddy’s little girl’, ‘princess’ and the like. In China they have another name for them

Maggots in the Rice…

Yeah, the chinese call a daughter a ‘maggot in the rice’. Not all do this of course, but the favoritism of little boy disappointments over girls is crazy bad, thus the term.

I’ve had friends tell me they want a boy, but if they have a girl it is ok, because then they don’t have to pay for the house, the responsibility falls on the boy…

Back to maggots in the rice. The term probably comes from the fact that girls cannot carry the family name nor burn those fake dollars, Ipads and such, sending the deceased Chinese pleasure in the after life, during festivals
The way the Chinese see it, the girl will marry and leave. The families here are patrolinial meaning the girl goes to the man’s family and his mom and dad move in.

Maggots in the rice

Now before you crack wise and assume this notion of hating girls is a consequence of the one spoiled little emperor policy, I’d say settle down and quiet thy pie hole cuz you are wrong.

The chinese, for as long as man has been writing about the shit smear they so like to promote when they are allowed a visa to civilization, have always hated women, or at least preferred boys. It’s just a part of their culture.

Now before you try to ‘educate me’ about accepting culture, again I’d ask you to shut up and or be productive, ‘hey did you know that if you stick the tines of a fork in a wall socket, you get a tingle in ur naughty zone, go ahead, give it a try, the rest of us will wait on ‘ya….

good, I think all the dunces are gone…

Now, about culture. Sure this is part of ancient China, but so was death by a thousand cuts, a process by which a person was cut 1000 times and not supposed to die until the last cut. The chinese would gather around to watch, and it has been said a true master of the craft of cutting would start with places like the genitalia and weigh the pieces and then record them in a book.
This practice only ended around a 100 years ago, and probably was still practiced beyond that.

So sure, maybe hating girls is a part of culture, but rape of women in Liberia was too, as a matter of fact they only outlawed it a few years ago. But you would probably be hard pressed to find anyone willing to defend this practice as a cultural idiosyncrasy. Thus, as much as I’d like to say ‘hey lets respect all countries’ that is what makes the world go ’round’

I’d say
, , by calling a thing ‘culture’ does not make it right.

OH yeah, if you disagree, can you please drop me your email and an address, I have some delicious Chinese milk powder for you and yours…..

2 Responses to “Maggots in Rice- How China Views Women”

  1. yas said

    i totally agree with this. my grandpa is actually from ningbo (which i’ve visited twice) and is as sexist as can be. i’m often told that’s just how he is but that’s just bs to me. you would never believe he’s my grandpa based on how he treats me and other women in the fam. more like slave driver!

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