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China to Wor Foreign Experts

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 26, 2012

China, the land of never ending problems, is looking to attract some humans to come here and fill the technology chasm that they have built for themselves. What this means is that they , the Chinese have stolen tech that they do not understand and need some help.
This story comes from wantchinatimes.com, and make it look like the Chicoms are importing assloads of foreign talent. The reality is that they will hire only 2000 people over five years… Hmmm
So for every 4566677888999990 ignorant local, they will have one intelligent foreigner?
Sadly enough, they will probably hire those 40+ year old chines born lunatics who are sucking off the pap of civility, but as of yet have not broken and killed anyone yet.
In my uni a dirty chicom snapped and killed some americans.

Oh yeah, what kind of idiot would work for a Chinese firm?

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96% of China’s Communist Party Members Are Corrupt Says Hu Yaobang’s Son

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 26, 2012

The ex capo for china’s thuglife commi party’s son has claimed that 96% of all chicom dirtbag party members are corrupt. The other four percent must be brain dead or in comas.

Hu Deping, son of Hu Yaobang, former chairman and general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, said on Jan. 25 that about 96% of current Chinese officials are corrupt, adding most of them also have mistresses, according to an article from online news service kdnet.net. Hu said the corrupt government will be overthrown by the people like Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi if things don’t change.

Hu Deping himself holds many official positions within the CCP. He says the government and the media both lie to the people.

From http://www.wantchinatimes.com/news-subclass-cnt.aspx?id=20120126000099&cid=1101

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Cheating China-fake Labels On Subpar Products

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 26, 2012

Cheating China, the derivative country of lies and deceit has a new business model. Make crap products and then stuff fake labels on ’em. Or, stuff real labels with fake information. No, I am not talking about selling poison as milk, that’s old school, today they just create crap, ie typical Chinese products and then lie about their abilities.
The allegations are that Chinese companies are building things like air conditioners and claiming that they meet a level of energy efficiency that they do not. For instance, they will claim that the product is a level 5 or the best and in reality it’s a one or the worst.

We should not be shocked, should we? A guy with the nickname of ‘the butcher of Tibet’ is running china and the communist party, so he s rated as the best , right? When in reality, whatever wrath he wrought must pale in comparison to the hell The great chairman aka Mass Murdering Mao brought on the people.
Oh, but this must be one of those little cultural trinkets that a simple barbarian will never understand.

Fake labeling of electrical products has become an issue in China, as highlighted by a news report last week which said energy-efficiency labels on some domestic appliances were misleading, according to the Chinese-language Beijing News.

Such deliberate mislabeling is prevalent among domestic appliance producers, the report said. In addition to faking energy-saving ratings, some electronics manufacturers also fabricated indicators of noise levels, capacity, freezing capacity and power consumption.

From here


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UFO Lands on The Head of a Man in China? WTF

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 26, 2012

WTF does this Chinese guy have on his head? I know the chinese are only a few decades removed from wearing only Mao suits, but is this headgear really necessary?
Chinese define style differently than I do….

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Poetic Rant On Corruption, Communism and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 26, 2012

Here is an oh so poetic rant on China and corruption, its just too bad The King was not around to hear it…
From the Sundance kid to Gowron’s Butch Cassidy- The Big Brewskie
From the Brew man
“Wtdevflnt, again, you’re not going to like this. Previously, I about spit coffee on my computer when I saw the Beijing PM reading that was so ridiculous, it could have stretched to the Andromeda constellation and back; but fate is harsh and cruel – it’s brushing against and flaking the dreams of hard-working, hard-saving Chinese like delicate paint in their new homes.

15,600. Is the number of Wall Street barons who should be freezing in their jock straps in Siberia, cracking quarry stones with their skulls for Kim Jong-un; slurping gutter oil or testing baby formula for the good of the Chinese? Conservatively, yes; but this is the number of corruption cases uncovered in CCP-funded engineering projects in 2010.

That number must have sent Tex Avery’s ghost into Hu Jintao’s jaw as it crashed to the floor, sounding like an anvil, tongue rolling out like the red carpet. The CCP cadres responded with the indomitably of a battalion of PLA mama’s boys facing a giant loogie from 3 Gorges: they sent roughly $740,000 (not million or billion: just $740,000) to smoke out the no do-gooders, with 210,000 problems – like poor construction or bribery – uncovered.


The bribe-happy CCP – some of the most disearnest, despicable bastards in the world; an entity whose sole intellectual property claim should BE corruption – uncovered over 15,000 corruption cases surrounding engineering projects – while sitting on the john!!! If some spare KTV change and lazy ADD losers uncovered 210,000 “problems,” what the hell else is wrong?

Remember the man making the analogy of the Soviet toilet: “If they can’t get this right, what else is wrong?” Well, there’s a brown cruise ship piloted by Hades swirling around somewhere, following the path of least resistance on the maiden voyage.

(ps the photo shows Chinese doing what they do best- being uncvilized. The photo is inside the walkway to the subway. Not 200 meters from where they allowed this resource consuming future pain in the world’s ass is urinating, are dozens of restrooms. But I guess it is so much eaiser to allow this kid to pee in the passageway we must all take to use the subway)

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