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“King Sighting in China”- The King shall Return

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2012

Good news fellow ‘haters’ or people who see the big stinky for what it is.
I got a mail from the King aka Gowron.
He’s good and safe but has no access to my site. He has been on other forums so I will see if I can dig him up.

Here is a snippet of his mail to me
ps. he is refercing the death toll he’s taking on China and her govermnet.
From the King
“And holy fuck death death and more death, for instance 28,000 of AIDS. very colourful statistics for my report. (I’m going to update it). oh well. As long as this government keeps on fucking around.

Also I’m quite pleased with those two civilized countries Norway and Iceland telling that fat Chi-com businessman to fuck himself.
And there seems to be a bank robber serial killer running amuck. It’s like this country is a comic book, or a cartoon, like it’s soooo unreal here. Don’t get me started on this fag named Lu who keeps on fucking around with my boss’s business. …”

The King shall Return…

4 Responses to ““King Sighting in China”- The King shall Return”

  1. Brewskie said

    Hail to the king, baby! When the king speaks, you listen; reluctance otherwise will have your beaten, fly-tasted corpse dragged in the wasting streets by the Chicom patrol, with your tongue tied around the exhaust, and your ballooning butt of wasting toxicity torpedoed by tomatoes; oh(!) how your parents will lower their heads in shame… they’ll wish they never wasted a single sperm on you.

  2. Brewskie said

    Question: how come little Norway and Iceland are man enough to China to go fuck him/herself? America’s masculine pride has sunk to the depths of her nappy, boulder-size potbelly; only her limp dick is entranced by gravity more.

    Also, I saw the AIDS stat several days ago… sad. Good to the man’s around.

  3. Brewskie said

    Say, fished this off of Youtube. It’s about Chinese-made steel, seems pretty good.

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