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Poisonous Plums Pulled from Shelves in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 28, 2012

The big stinky, China, has added yet another ‘death dish’ to its formiddable arsenal- they’ve poisoned the poor plum.
yeah , the chinese are yanking plums off the shelves for they have too much sulfur dioxide in them. I m really not sure how bad sulfur plums are, but I d rather not find out. As for me i will remain housebound , wrapped in cloth from head to toe like the boy in a bubble , al la travolta, and hope my lungs dont rot from within…..

Story here
Three brands of dried plums have been ordered to be removed from supermarket shelves in Beijing for containing excessive amounts of preservatives, according to a Beijing Evening News report.

The plums were found to contain excessive amounts of sulfur dioxide, which is often used to help preserve the color and flavor of the fruit during the drying process and extend their shelf life, the newspaper Wednesday cited the local administration for industry and commerce as saying.

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