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“Obama is Hitler and Black People Steal” – Says a Beijing Cabbie

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 29, 2012

“Obama is Hitler and Black People Steal” – Says a Beijing Cabbie

I caught a cab today, for the majority of the Chinese have not returned from their holidays and the place is unencumbered by so many spitting, howling citizens. The place, with the exception of the remaining souls, actually seems like a 19th century country.

The point of this missive, however, is not just to besmirch the name China, but to tell a story.

As I entered the cab this morning, the driver, a stout lady with meaty fists, non existent eyeballs and a shelf like brow, all the markings of an advanced species indeed, sized me up.

After a few moments of light talk, she asked from whence I hail.

The reason for this, if you did not know, was to establish just how low I was on the barbarian scale.

I am American, I said- strikes one, two and three.

Fulfilling her Mao’esque duties, she proceeded to tell me about my country.

“Obama is bad” she quipped, pointing her pumpkin like face at the mirror. ” Hitler, you know Hitler?

I nodded

“Obama is same as HItler.” she paused, hazarded a glance my way.

This woman, who is now 50, possesses early memories of the Beijing streets teaming with Mao lovers , pouring scalding water over teachers, berating one’s own parents and for whom ‘schools’ were nothing more than Mao love ins.

I laughed, “Hitelr, Obama is like Hitler?”

“Yeah,” she grunts. She proceeded to name off events like Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, all to prove her point. I guess CCTV, China’s propaganda channel, forgot to inform her that Hitler’esque could be a term to describe the ethnic cleansing occurring in restive Xin.Jiang and Ti.Bet at this very moment.

I greed that Obama was bad and set down my Kindle, this woman was in it for the long haul.

“Of course America is good.” she glances my way, puggy bulldog jowels shaking. “Leaders bad, like to fight. ok?”
she proclaimed.

I conceded her point, after all we do like to fight. But then again the world needs a cop, that’s just the breaks.

“How was it in 1966, in China?” I asked. of course she dare not tell the truth, after all, I was just another ignorant barbarian, I had no clue of the mass murders, the beatings, the realities of it all.

“Bad, ” she said quickly. “No food.”

“No food?” I nod. During this period in which she learned about life, from 3million to 10 million people died. All universities were shuttered and calling your parents a capitalist roader was en vogue. Banners proclaimed the evils of the old ways and the west and they vowed to eradicate me and my kind.

“What else?” I asked.

“Black people bad.” she proceeded to explain she’d just picked up a black guy in her cab, a thing she usually avoids. The guy told her to wait for him as he’d run and get a friend then return. Forty minutes later he’d still not returned. “He stole from me” she said.

The sad reality is that the Chinese have spent thousands of years perfecting the art of xenophobia, they have the ‘long wall’ to prove it. This woman, my lesson for the day, was proof positive of the damages of communist propaganda and its effects….

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Extinct in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 29, 2012

This site is becoming extinct in China…

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Beautiful Bermuda…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 29, 2012

This definitely is not China..

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American Bridge, Chinese Steel- Future Disaster

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 29, 2012

Great find by Brewskie here. It’s a video about poor quality Chinese steel being used in construction projects, like a bridge in Cali, to Chinese putting ‘made in USA’ labels on crappy home made death iron.

Check the vid, move from California or email your congressman

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