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The King on Chinese TNT

Posted by w_thames_the_d on January 31, 2012

Here is a brief rant by the King.
Long live the King…
” I decided to post this on Darwin Awards (I also suggest you do the same, it’s excellent therapy). China should just vanish in a stinky black hole. That way the other 100 Million SANE Chinese who actually do shit, and are nice to people the ones that ESCAPED the Big Stinky, can breath fresh air. And it’ll free up lotsa resources for humanity.

But thank you for the post about the 4 Bubbas who blew themselves up in Longnan, over a parking spot. with LIVE TNT. Like holy shit they could have just picked up some rocks, broken beer bottles, their shoes, the loose construction blocks or their cell phones or hard hats (ha ha ha good one, hard hats), but going around throwing sticks of TNT at each other and blowing up 16 other people, who didn’t have the ummm sense to say holy fuck there are 4 morons blowing each other up with…….. *face palm*. Fuck you China. just fuck you… I wonder if the by standers DID deserve it.

Normally, the natural thing to do when some thing sparkles very very angrily, is to run away from it. Like you see the sticks have fuses, that hiss like a kitty cat with PMS, or an average Chinese chick. And hell not even animals would stick around. They’d see the fire, and say oh fuck FIRE! and run away. But holy shit, what the hell did the workers THINK was going to happen!?!?!?! Too many video games where heros just strug off Machine gun fire (Call of Duty).

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