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China Love- Gowron Style, Bad Loans and Ignorant Foreigners

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 7, 2012

Gowron, aka The King, brings the truth in this rant on the realities of China
From The King
“Good good, morons will think and buy into this Chinese miracle, especially in rural areas, over spend. and this will give the Chinese consumer spending a moment of air, restore jobs monentarily yadda yadda yadda, and starve off economic famine. BUT, once the BILLS come on, after China doing this on a political scale, (400 years in debt). This will be the death blow. Go on Chinese, get a credit card. But blame Japan, blame Japan that you guys think there’s free money, with high interest. It’s Japan’s fault that they and Americans did this in the 90s and they actually have the economic backbone to actually pull out of the quicksand. But for you China, there is NO infrastructure. What’s going to happen is that the money lenders will realise their bad investments, shadow Wenzhou pit bosses. More trips to Macau.. The Hong Kong bankers however will take it in……. (now Hong Kong has to be smart here, and start this rare windfall and develop industries, healthy industries, R and D, doctors, start turning HK into a paradise of nose jobs or something. The stereotype is THERE. of the Canmerican Asian doctor, which isn’t true, Chinese like most Americans come from many different industries, such as army, doctors, teachers etc etc etc), with the British leaving the UK for Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, they brought talent. It’s just the Chinese greed and love for money that prevented Hong Kong, from truly realising it’s potential, and it’s brains went into real estate. Instead of the industries that support a community, to make a community (real estate), worth something. Everyone wanted to be the rich Jeweller, the banker, the medial mogule. the movie star. Same as in America. Nobody wants to be the freaky geeky with ADHD, with the brains, to run the place.

Canmerica, needs a renaissance to reclaim ACME. Americanadian Companies Making Everything. Again. And this time please for the love of Fuck, DON’T set up in China. It’s good that jobs are going back to America, slowly reviving. Canada should once again be the bread basket, Japan goes back to researching cyborgs little girls with lazer eyes and flashy toothy smiles, and kitties that can claw Giant robots. and Korea keeps on making stuff, Once equlirbum is restored in the world everything is good. Safe use of credit cards, as a way to build up your credit rating. Instead of being the crazy college student with no sense of fiscal responsibilty (ie me).

China has yet to learn this lesson, it spends all of this once in a thousand dynasty life time, cash cows, on really shitty cities empty cities, unproductive upgrades such as subways for the expo, games, and Olympades, on “Rockets”, and to bail out ancient mideval Knight age foundaries using ancient kilns, and inefficent archaic methods to produce Atlantian age metals they make Federation ships out of. ”

Ok its like comparing the obsolete Cardassian ships, to Federation ships…..


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