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Chinese Grandparents are Like Herpes, They Never Go Away

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 14, 2012

China, being the great communist monolith that it is, does not provide social security benefits for its aged. Sure, in some cases, they offer a dozen dollars per month for a couple or two, but for the most part, Chinese old folks are as penniless as they day they were born.
The impact of this is that their kids and grand kids are saddled with the responsibility of taking care of them. For their part, the kids must obey these ancients who grew up chanting songs about killing capitalists, making yumyum stew out of the bodies of infants, and toting around a red book of non sense.
Now this old bunch of ancients have become the worlds problem, for with the locust diaspora that is china, the young tote along these decrepit people as they have nothing else.
Thus, we as a people now are faced with an onslaught of old tellers who chase down ducks in the public parks as they try to claim them as dinner. This is actually true. The Chinese in HK the US and other places are not accustomed to seeing freedom , nor birds. The pollution in china has killed off insects and thus the birds that prey on them .when mainland droogies go to civilization and see such birds, they have tried to catch and then eat them.
The bottom line is that the locusts are coming….

2 Responses to “Chinese Grandparents are Like Herpes, They Never Go Away”

  1. gowron said

    fuck you china fuck you. I have to go back to hell. It’s like Halloween back on Earth for two days, back in hell for eternity. Fuck you China. Oh well at least I get a short stop in Canada. But sigh, all my face book buds have all moved on in their lives leaving me a 4 year hole where my soul erroeded, 4 years behind on the times, It’s like being a pow from NAM and coming back to a significantly changed USA. Or just coming out of Jail…. or worse yet a coma.

    I’d say a coma, where my Near Death experience was in HELL. With me, becoming a cleaner, politer, more appreciative, and productive of Canmerican society. Kinda like Scrooge from Christmas Carol, fuck you China. Fuck you.

    • gowron said

      Meh, I broken the Chinese internet Blockade and raped “Jing Jing” (I think she’s the chick), and her twin brother “Cha Cha” (Internet censor mascots), in the ass. And now I FUCKING HAVE AIDS. WTD It was nice knowing you…… now I get to be a statistic on my death list. Karma is a biiiach.

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