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The King Tells it like it Is

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 14, 2012

The King is rainting about what it’s like to be in China, and he really nailed this one. We sit here, rotting with the rest of the effluent as the real world sprints by….
From The King
“fuck you china fuck you. I have to go back to hell. It’s like Halloween back on Earth for two days, back in hell for eternity. Fuck you China. Oh well at least I get a short stop in Canada. But sigh, all my face book buds have all moved on in their lives leaving me a 4 year hole where my soul erroeded, 4 years behind on the times, It’s like being a pow from NAM and coming back to a significantly changed USA. Or just coming out of Jail…. or worse yet a coma.

I’d say a coma, where my Near Death experience was in HELL. With me, becoming a cleaner, politer, more appreciative, and productive of Canmerican society. Kinda like Scrooge from Christmas Carol, fuck you China. Fuck you.”

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