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Shitty Chinese Hair Cuts, Japan Bashing and Sell Out Westerners

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 18, 2012

Shitty Chinese Hair Cuts, Japan Bashing and Sell Out Westerners , this is what I saw on the chicom channel today.

Shitty haircuts…some aged Chinese hag-redundant, with that eerie shade of gravel gray teeth, is hosting some worthless drivel of a tv show.The thing is that on top of her round head, she’s got a stank of hair that has shifted to one side so that she looks like Samuel l Jackson in the movie un breakable. Wtf are Chinese thinking? The men carry purses and are no bigger than a door stop and the women go bald at 30 and smell like cat urine.

Japan Bashing. Some chicom channel, which in abeyance to Chinese laws -oxymoron, ran family oriented programming. The one I saw was a multi houred saga of Japan invading china. In one scene, the Japanese are bayoneting the Chinese women and children and the screams of agony is harrowing. Then the Japanese douse the bodies with gas and burn them. This movie aired at seven pm.
Wtf are the commies thinking by running a show like that in prime time?
Also, Why dont they man up to Japan? Instead of making veiled threats, why don’t they step?
Because their micro members will be kicked around their ears just like they were before,,,,,message to china, either strap it on or let it go, you sound like a whiney bitch….

Sell out Westerners. I love America, after all , how many other countries did God create? And I respect Chinese who loves their country, no matter how horrid it is. What I hate are traitor bastards who come here to suckle the pap of the communist party and it’s orgy of pos hangers on.
Today there was a “debate ” about free trade in china.
First off, true debate in china is occurs about as frequently as a chinaman running a 9.5 in the 100 meters or a Chinese woman with double D’s.
So this channel has a passel of “experts” ie, limp membered wannabes whose highest degree occurred at some voc Ed school in the hills of the ozarks and whose bride was bought off some low rent intermet marriage site.
These foreign experts debate Chinese policy with fat faced china men with teeth scattered more than my thoughts, and those funny little boy suits they all wear. (ADD-moment- wtf ?can a real man buy clothes here? All the shirts are better suited for oompahs or elves and is it asking to much to get a pair of sized 11.5 shoes here?)
Back to the rant…so all these trolls are wrapping their mouths around words like trade and china and benefitting mankind, and I got the 38 special sticking in my ear ready to end it all if I gotta listen to more. Then I shelve the weapon when I hear some buffalo headed yank pine away about china and how he hopes we can all be more like them…..
The fat little commies smack their hands together out of rhythm and cheese for the cameras and it is this point that I realize I just need to man up, take one for the team , stay in this shit stain and report on the reality of this fucked up place…you want to imagine hell on earth? Just imagine all of acting a little more like china….

Btw. Expect a book after a bit…….

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  1. horny said

    Great post!

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