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Chinese Greed, Ineptitude and Foolish, Gowron Brings The Real China News

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 21, 2012

News from Gowron aka the King Daddy!


Wtd if you haven’t seen Little Miss Sunshine, you should. It’s about a the funnies of the falsehoods dashed dreams but refreshing realities of the American Dream. It’s about a dysfunctional family who’s traveling to California, one is a WWII vet with PTSD, one is a son who has taken a Emotastic vow of silence to get into the Airforce academy, little miss sunshine a REAL american girl vs the skinny disney esque beauty pagents, a suicidal uncle, etc etc. in a broken down VW minibus.

Anyways, this chinese girls’ heart (article), is little miss Rainshine, because the pagent tried to rip her off saying she was too young, all she wanted to do was visit America…Like sheesh if the promotors didn’t have the trip then they could have just said so.

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