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Chinese Baby Girls are Trash- Child Lies Dying in the Gutter- GRAPHIC PIC

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 22, 2012

Here is a scene from typical China. There is a baby lying on the streets in the gutter and no one did a thing to help the poor child. This is the real China. This is the type of people who are emigrating to our countries, doing business with us and attending our schools. The more we know of them, the better off we are.

Story and picture from here http://www.taliacarner.com/deadnewborningutter.html

“To the Chinese authorities, abandoned girls are merely worthless trash. “I called the emergency services, but nobody came,” says the woman who found this latest little victim. (For fear of official reprisal, she wishes to remain anonymous.) “The baby was lying right near the government tax office, so many people in government just walked past.” Eventually, an old man picked up the child, put her in a box, and dropped her in a garbage bin. When the police finally arrived, they showed no interest in investigating her death. They instead arrested the woman who’d tried to save her. “I took some photographs, because it was so terrible; the police were more worried about my pictures than the baby,” she says. The police only released the woman once she handed over her film.”

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