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Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 22, 2012

The King brings us a view of the real China


One of those stinky little chinese monkey boys, (Chinese children come in two models, the twinky little jumping monkey with the stubble and shaved head making the hyper active noises, and the fat sloth pig mutant with the buzz cut).


My death tally is at 84 now in just 2 months that’s 42 average…. the meaning of life, because this is an official government company…


Little girl is savaged by mutant Chinese mutants, and quite possibly Reds….. Infected with so much gooey STDS that she can’t have anymore kids. Horray!


See what I mean by mutant, monkey boy and mutant big? The kid and dad in the photo beside the Gobogobobobolin (Goblin) Dung. Like fuck you Deng, if it wern’t for you fucko, I wouldn’t be here. I’d be fucking off to france as a sexy Legionare knight, with the hat, and growing muscles, and or in Canada doing stuff. Wtd wouldn’t have spent significant years of his life HERE. He’d be in Brazil enjoying the fruits of Da Silva’s reforms. The CPC would probably have imploded like the USSR and Mongolian Communism, Fuck, we would have won Vietnam and Korea, and Cuba would have liberated by now. I hope you’re rotting in hell you ugly squishy shit faced little piece of shit (the broken fat ones, that come out painfully, but once it’s out, you breath a sigh of relief, but scream in horror as you realise how much blood was let. craping just a few pebbles. It’s called Constipation, And that is what this little piece of squishy bloody stool Dung looks like Fuck you Dung. Give my regards to Mao, and the Kims and Hornecker of Germany while you’re at it. FUCK YOU.


HOW IS THIS FUCKING COUNTRY STILL ALIVE, didn’t last years 3 province 4 province drought fuck up everything? from food, to the tubines of hydro plants, fuck didn’t the housing bubble, dying stocks, HOW IS THIS COUNTRY STILL ALIVE. 400 years of debts, bosses killing themselves, AIDS, drought, Foot in Mouth disease, housing bubble, HOW HOW HOW IS CHINA STILL ALIVE HOW?

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