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China Rant, Obama Rant, Rant from The King- Part 1

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 29, 2012

Here is the King at his best

All rise….


Psychotic Pyronypm sets girl on fire….

Jesus Christ man there are more fish in the sea! Next time don’t greet her with the traditional Chinese shit on the ground infront of her, so she smells your phremones and accepts you into her tribe method. Because the problem is, She smells NOTHING, then laughs at you for offering her tribe nothing. And somehow laws have changed so you couldn’t do the second opinion and rub her face into your midriff so she smells your “manly” triangle through your unwashed pants, all she’ll smell is piss, and the drugs you smoked. Thus marking you not as a healthy caveman needed to promogulate her tribes genes beyond, Tonga the Leader of Ringo Starr’s tribe.

Next time just dangle some worthless shiny fresh 5 Wujao coins, and she’ll think you’re some kind of light being as the worthless Wujao coins (uncirculated much, and given back to cashiers in disguist), are spotless, reflects into her daziled enthralled eyes

– –


Chinese youths (the ones who didn’t drink Sanpoo milk and turned into fags), Tell the CPC one important thing “FUCK….. You…….China”.

As they chant down the CPC, on Nobama’s Socials. Geee and Poo Gin (the potent portable) Down’s facebook has ZERO friends. “You have 0 friends” (THIS is why facebook is banned in China).

Well Obama! What will you do NOW. Won’t this be a crowing ga ga on your holy magical crown presidency granting FREEDOM. Is like a B-boy circle where one boy vogues and gives you the “eye ball!” Oh no you didn’t wag finger….. a DIRECT challenge to your manhood Obama. and no “Shooting hoops with the troops is not being a man). Hell the screechy screaming Will Smith is more of a man than you are. Fuck PRINCE ( is more of a man than you are!

Will history remember your so called historic presidency, for the Presidency, where the PRESIDENT of the FREE WORLD, is challenged or begged for everything America stands for: Give me your wreched, tired, hungry, masses yearning to be free”. You’ve been served Obama!

But let’s get fucking real. You’re going to do jack, a final big chance to define your presidency, yet you’ll do nothing. Not even to satisfy your ego? “O” Man (parody of Superman). Nothing has REALLY “Changed” in America has it? A country intended to turn mere wo-men into Godesess, (Washington as Zeus). You have failed to reinvigourate the dream of Black America, (to once again, he human equals (citizens of a democratic country), where Black students excelled in schools and became larger than life Man-Gods, like any American who dares to dream the American Dream!

Neverless the challenge is still there Obama. China will eventually evolve to a “functional” 2nd world democracy (oh well it’s still infinatly better, and any step up even it if is covered in shit footprint, is still a step up). The question you want to ask yourself Obama and your “O”, will you be the one to help pressure China to Change. Or will you ignore this chance to feed your bloated ego?

Doesn’t China deserve this final fuck you, for 4 years Fool Gin D’oh, has fucked you over. It’s like a teen movie, on Grad night during a party where crafty nerds knock out the stinky ogre mutant, and puts a tutu on him, and his dick it to a dog, Or are you just going to let Fool, laugh at you to the grave, as both of you retire out of our lives for good. I for one, hope you fuck Fool Gin D’oh in the ass one last time.

At least Napoleon gave it one last shot! and although he lost, he still took out lots with him.

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