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Patriotism, Innovation, Inclusiveness and Virtue- in China? WTF???

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 29, 2012

Chinese communists like slogans as much as consultants like nifty little exercises to awaken our inner Einstein or Jobs.

This pic shows what China considers to be the soul of their little despoiled pot of land. Lets examine all four of these concepts in the context of the Chinese spirit, shall we?

Patriotism- 96% of all Chinese would leave this shit stain if they could and communists, as we speak, are sending their toxic offspring to civilization so that they can be ABC, anywhere but China
Innovation- Over 80% of all fake goods world-wide come from China. It is estimated that by not following the intellectual property rights laws that the Chinese have in place, they are stealing over 2 million US jobs
Inclusiveness- As we speak the chinese are murdering Tibetans in a cultural genocide and repressing all of the folks in Xinjiang. Aside from that, they have over 1200 missiles aimed at the island of Taiwan, that naughty little renegade province. The ‘han’ ethnicity, or sons of heaven, do not like competition.

Virtue– In December of 2011 alone, four communist party officials killed their mistresses out of fear of their affair being discovered

China, the home of the free….

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