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The king Puts The Hurt On China and How It Treats Tibetans

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 6, 2012

The king, aka Gowron, know his way around China Nd here is a snippet that I whole heatedly agree with.

All rise…
From the King

Well now, another child dies in Tibet. I have a “death counter” over at Wikipedia’s self immolation article. It’s at 24 now…. :_(. Jesus is really going to come back and shit all over the Chinese… But what can you expect from a warlike society, that worships pagan demon idols in the temples. (serious, go to any Chinese temple, and you are greeted by Gargon (super mutants) grunts (infantry, soldiers, brutes, mainlanders etc).

I’m so picking Brazilian hybrid chick for my next life. (or as we Canadians call Heinze 47, a perfect blend of veggies and chemicals, to form this delicious paste, sort of like how Brazilian women are a hybrid of many ethnicities, forming a super woman, in a Rae Dawn Chong (Tommy Chong’s daughter), the beautiful multi ethinic and mystique face of humanity. What the hell was I thinking picking impovished Edmontonian Chinese Canadian. :_(….

As for my so called Chinese ancestors, whom I owe Chinese Flea Pissity to, you ignorant farm animals brought this on yourselves. Ta ta. I’m to busy being a Mormon again. So that the FUTURE of my family arn’t so fucked up as you ancient Oh just fuck off all of you. No Dead money burning for you! Homey don’t play dat! *bonks with government cheese*.


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