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Photos of Why Chinese Should not Be Allowed In Ikea

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 7, 2012

I live in China so I am subjected to smog, cancer and fake food, and aside from that, Chinese. Chinese, in and of themselves, are not a bad thing, its just that their behavior patterns go better with the Jurassic period rather than the 21st century.
Here is an example of how the Chinese can even foul up a cool thing like Ikea.

This is the Ikea in Beijing.
Problem- 1

Too many people. And remember, when Chinese get together they do stupid things, like stand, gawk, rubber neck and act…Chinese

Problem 2 They fk stuff up. This couch is relatively new, but after a few hours of Chinese wear and tear, the thing looks like its had chemo.

The odd thing is that the Chinese do not realize that someone may wish to sit on this couch, so they dirty it up then take off.


Problem 3

3000 years of history and still uncivilized. As you can see, some chinese allowed their kid to urinate on the sofa, after all, it is some else’s problem isn’t it?

Yeah, Ikea has assloads of restrooms, but some Chinese thought it made more sense to allow their little burden to pee on the couch.

Problem 4

Chinese “Locust Effect”

Due to the nature of the beast, and I do mean that, Chinese ‘locusts’ are all around.

And being the industrious sort, they do what uncle Mao taught them, they take up resources and cause chaos.

Problem 6

They act Chinese. This is the reason for the angst in Hong Kong, in Singapore, and just about every place that these people are free to roam to now. The world is understanding the true nature of the Chinese spirit and sense of fashion, style and comportment.

The place looked like a war zone, scattered with bodies.


But this old guy took the cake. I guess all those years chasing down teachers and smashing the 4 olds , per Mao’s demands has left him a little weary.

I love how he is sampling the store’s wares.



I mean how many people can cut loose and take a snooze like this proud old lion?




And why not just lie back and kick off your shoes while your at it?



I dont know about the rest of China, but what I really want is to perch atop the gnarled foot funk that this old guy leaves behind when awoken form his slumber.

My question is:

Wasn’t this place a lot better under the rule of Chairman Mao?

Put these guys back in their cages.


2 Responses to “Photos of Why Chinese Should not Be Allowed In Ikea”

  1. Brewskie said

    This gets uglier and uglier. First, the Chinese admitted growth would fall, than they hovered it around 8-something percent. No biggie, righ?. Now it’s down to 7.5%. In other words, where is the Titanic heading, and what do the chicom captains know that they’re not telling us?


    Where is growth really heading that their lies are not telling us – 5% or 6%? Remember the great global crap out of ’08, sponsored by Wall Street? Growth in China fell below 8%, a bunch of people suddenly lost their jobs, and riots broke out. This makes the CCP nervous, as they herald control, stability and wealth above all else; this was a reason they injected the monster stimulus – to get people back to work, to get the engine spinning again.

    I myself wouldn’t be surprised if GDP growth settles around 5-6 percent. Most developed countries would love growth at this level; but the CCP has admitted, over and over, that growth below 8% is not enough to curb the appetite of the poor underbelly of China’s economic ladder – not enough jobs, wages, improvement in living standard, etc.

    Essentially, China’s situation is like the movie Speed, where the bus’s speed must be maintained above 50 MPH, or the bomb goes off. Lots of hard workin’ folks in China; lots of poor folks in China, too, even lots of uber poor folks (173 million, 13% of the population) living on $1.25 per day or less.

    Things are happening around the globe. Europe’s still in the debt crapper and is going for its second recession in 3 years, America’s situation remains precarious, gas is biting the poor hard, India’s inflation is as hot as a blast furnace. Considering how China builds engines, considering global circumstances, would you trust China to pull things through?

  2. etiquetas adhesivas…

    […]Photos of Why Chinese Should not Be Allowed In Ikea « Understanding China, One Blog at a Time[…]…

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