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Panda Rabbit Working out on the WII in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2012

My rabbit is awesome, she’s not as good as a dog, but ranks up there with a cat. She loves Pizza, oreos and the finest Italian chocolate. Another of her favs is Bimbo doughnuts from Mexico.
The problem is that the good life has taken its toll on her feminine frame. I took her to the doctor and he said she weighed about 8.8 pounds…. yikes.
Yeah, she’s as big as those electric scooters the Chinese tool around on. So I got this WII board and she’s been watching me and now is trying to get into shape.

ps. she may have an eating disorder. When I feed her, she plops down in the middle of the food, surrounding herself with it like some ancient queen.
pps. I still do not know if she is a boy or a girl. I took her to a vet here in China and asked him. The guy says ‘i think she’s a girl’. I wanted to kick him in the zipper. i’m like wtf ? You think she’s a girl, well I thought you were a doctor…

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