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Spy Photos of Ultra-Secret Next Gen Chinese Fighter Jet

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 8, 2012

In order to bolster her peaceful rise, China has built the latest in go fast, bangy bangy aiprlane and thermonuclear boom booms that bring destruction, but it’s all in the name of peace of course.
As for dominating the skies:

The ultra new, ultra high tech fighters that the staff of wtd have digitally captured here, are part of China’s string of pearls strategy. Which of course is not really a strong of pearls, but a munch of molars yanked from fg members before their slaughter.
Back to the story
The intrepid folks at WTD have captured what appears to be the newest, the latest and greatest of Chinese air stealth. While not an engineer by trade, the current author can plainly tell that this stealth machine requires no electrical current nor combustible fuel of any kind.
Hows that for stealth? No smoke nor heat signature to follow.

And based upon the photos, it would appear that some hyper thin polymer will ensconce the exoskeleton of this war beast.
Oh we in the west must tremble with fear as we gaze upon the ‘innovation’ from our short, fat headed snaggle toothed sisteren across the Pacific….
China has yet again proven her true worth.

pics via chinasmack.com

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