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China and her dodgy Roads

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 14, 2012

Here is a good find from the big Brew man. He is referencing Chinas poorly made roads. In addition, a bit ago he asked whether poorly constructed roads were common. The major highways that are older seem to be ok, but light traffic and little time mean we don’t really know. In the city, however, unless you are a major through road, they suck. They tend to be filled with cracks and potholes.

Comment from the Brewskie!

More infrastructure material to stuff in my overstuffed “infrastructure vault”: 2-month road already in disrepair.


“Not long ago, Kaili city of Guizhou province paved several sections of road along Ningbo Road, Shaoshan road, Beijing Road, etc. resulting in the road surface looking completely new. Recently, city residents discovered that these newly paved roads were crumbling, developing potholes, and other similar phenomena. Kaili city’s traffic department responded by saying that not long ago, Kaili city held an important event and completed the road repaving project before the major event at the request of the city’s leadership.


When this reporter saw the serious “crumbling” road surface phenomenon, there was a lot of noise as cars drove over, and with sand and stones occasionally flying onto the sidewalk. “How is this paved asphalt at all, this is clearly just gravel,” a passerby said after seeing this reporter take out a camera out to take photos. Photo is of the seriously disintegrating road surface.

City resident Miss Li says there are dinging sounds on the undercarriage when driving on Beijing West Road, which is a situation that hasn’t happened on Kaili’s main roads in many years. “At the beginning of this year, we were all very happy when we saw the government paving the roads, and would avoid disturbing the road construction crews, but we never imagined the fixed roads would be like this”, said Uncle Liu in consternation.

Taxi driver Yang says this kind of municipal road is not only ugly but also difficult to drive on. “I don’t get it, how could a recently paved road already have these kind of quality problems?” Yang said. Another city resident said the asphalt paving of Ningbo Road and other roads was done to welcome an important event, very hastily, so the quality problems may have something to do with this. “Roads get better as they are fixed/paved, but with Beijing West Road like this, it is as if it has gone backwards by 10-20 years,” a city resident said.”

I’d like to close with the remark made by a smart commenter: “So many roads are like this, bad after repairs, repaired because they’re bad, we’re just a joke to foreigners. A waste of resources.” Indeed. You guys deserve much better than the CCP ganstas.

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