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Chinese Party Girls and Wounded Nation

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 25, 2012

China has tons of party girls, or so they say. While there are or will be 30 million extra Chinese guys who cannot find a Chinese wife, foreigners have fewer problems. Perhaps that is what drives the rancor in the locals when a foreigner is with a Chinese woman. The anger is palpable.
They say the psyche of the local men is fragile, perhaps due to their smaller stature, but who knows. The truth, however, is that they get very defensive when they see anything but a Chinese with one of their women.

But what about the women? The truth is that china is a wounded country. The people parenting people in this country have eaten the flesh of humans (during the great leap and cultural revolution) and grew up under a system that taught them that Mao was more trustworthy than their parents. In addition, these people were taught that the party is the cure all for all their ills, and assumed a fatherly role.
The party then encourages them to kill their offspring, distrust all that is foreign, while robbing them in the meantime. It is no wonder they are an emotional basketcase.

The women…. It is said that kids need positive relationships with their folks to lead normal lives and this is especially true of girls with father and boys with moms. But what type of parenting did the Chinese learn under communism? the animal kingdom provides a much better view of how to care for ones children then this place.

As a consequence, many chinese women are incapable of intimacy that is common place in the west. In addition, they are emotionally retarded, by a factor of a decade- IMHO. Actually, many who have lived here would not argue the assertions I have just made, just ask around.

The women…. The problem for the woman, and a boon for the men (foreign) is that the local woman have non existent relationships with their dads. Thus they do not understand love in any meaningful way. Thus, a guy can be the most uncaring sot and the woman considers it the norm.
Aide from this, there is no dearth of 21 year olds hooking up with guys in their 50s or 60s, just because daddy Wang did not love them enough.

Aside from this, many women are putting out just to be seen as ‘fashion’ or open, read as, not just another dumb Chinese. Had they had a normal relationship with daddy dearest, they would be more centered, but they are not.

What the world fails to realize is how messed up this place is. The hell wrought by the party is seen in the eyes of the aged, the middle aged and now the young. Although they like to try and talk the talk, the truth is much more bizarre. These people were yanked out of social and cultural anarchy , isolated and then stuffed into the international arena, all within a matter of forty years.

To understand your Chinese comrades, try reading books by Frank Dikotter, such as Hungry Ghosts or try reading a book called
Collective killings in rural china by Yang Su. Once you have done this, even if you have never been here, you get an understanding of who these people really are.

One Response to “Chinese Party Girls and Wounded Nation”

  1. Brewskie said

    “When in China, enjoy the visit, but don’t touch the food…”

    I’m going to be sick. I’ve seen and heard plastic surgery taken too far: Wacho Jacko’s grisly transformation via a million knife cuts, “pepperoni boob jobs,” etc.; but China, in its usual fashion of jetting itself into the #1 grotesque, fat balarog overlord, has yet managed to do it yet again…!

    I take the thought of ink in my noodles, I can stand the danger of a “time bomb” watermelon blowing up in my hands, and I can (barely) stand on my two feet when cow’s milk becomes baby milk; but I cannot, will not, absolutely will not phantom the delivery of Michael Jackson carvery knifed on my food: plastic surgery that turns a duck… into a goose!


    “In Guangdong, because a domesticate goose costs twice as much as a duck, restaurants that serve roast geese usually pass ducks off as geese. After their feathers are plucked and their feet are choped off, the two birds look quite the same, except that a Chinese domestic goose may be readily distinguished from a duck by the large knob at the base of the bill. Some unscrupulous businesses would emplace implants into a duck’s head to create the knob, and even press the relatively slim rear end of a duck against the iron plate to make it as wide as that of a goose.

    According to a chef who divulged the secret to the reporter, not all ducks are ideal substitutes for geese. Only white ducks that are fat and big can be chosen. Making a fake knob is the key. The ‘implant’ is usually duck’s or chicken’s heart, or even cartilage off duck’s bone. This chef picked a duck’s heart and used a knife to carve the heart to the size of a knob before he started the emplacement.”

    Ministry of Tofu even includes graphic pics of the transformation being conducted. I’m sick. I think I’m going to grab a monster bowl of mash potatoes, scoop out a shit load, finely mold it into a mountain…

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