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Crash of the Chitanic- Shitty Chinese Bridges

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 28, 2012

The BrewMan hits home with this piece and commentary….

from the BrewMan
“Hey, I found this nearly 5-year-old article of a bridge collapse during construction off the BBC. It’s old, and Chinese bridge collapses happen enough that they’re boring, but I found this interesting trinket tucked inside…

“China has identified more than 6,000 bridges that are damaged or dangerous.

The government in Beijing has pledged to fix or rebuild all the damaged bridges in an ambitious plan to make the country’s road network safer by 2010, the China Daily newspaper reported on Tuesday.”

Wow, 6,000 bridges! And that was probably a lazy commie investigation, too (“Send the interns!”); and they’re were suppose to have made them safer by 2010!

China was suppose to have made your air cleaner. It was suppose to beef up the construction industry’s construction standards. Is you air cleaner? No, it’s gotten dirtier. Have crappy building projects ceased? Hell no, contractors are skimming costs as the expense of people’s lives, investments. And are the bridges standing broad, long as long as the Golden Gate? This is pathetic…

To see how China’s made good on its promise, let’s look back on the Jiaozhou Bridge. Opened last year as the world’s longest bridge, it garnered quick controversy over safety standards: missing barriers and lighting structures, loose bolts (some of which one can tighten by hand).

Again, “Once a communist, always a communist.”

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