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Shitty Chinese Construction, Chinese Viruses an d Klingons

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 1, 2012

here is a comment from Brew on The King’s rant yesterday. Brew nails it on so many levels. Also, did you know that Chinas wanton overuse of antibiotics in everything from fisheries to healthcare has diminished their effectiveness so much that the fear is a superbug is around the corner? All those years of living, and still lost…aka China

From the BrewMan

OMG! I got home, swallowed a couple of beers, read this and laughed my ass off! The bit about the hot water tanks reminded of this: in China, apartments’ water tanks are put up on the wall. Uh… yeah, very fucking smart. That scares me because of the wanton industrial waste China pukes in her water: bet those tanks aren’t much stronger than porcine; they fall, bust, and you got a pseudo toxic scare on your floor.

Oh… and the bit about diseases that were eliminated by civilization. Yeah, unfortunately in the West, we’re seeing a re-emergence of bugs – previously assumed dead in the West – thanks to immigrants from developing, or dirt poor nations. We’re even seeing strains of tuberculosis displaying resistance to current vaccinations; it also doesn’t help that some dumb ass parents choose not to vaccinate their children. Man, I wish they could have been alive in the 1920s, and see how polio could wipe out entire towns (for vaccinations to be effective, you need 85% of people in a setting – say a classroom – vaccinated). Did these people get their genes from China?

I also recall seeing videos of light switches in Chinese showers. What the fuck? Man, no wonder some of these buildings won’t last 30 years.

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