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Chinese Innovation= IPR Theft

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 5, 2012

Here are a few excerpts from Death By China. These examples show the reality of China, and stealing tech. The reference in the first part is that the Chinese made an order for Russian airplanes, then after receiving a few of them, cancelled the order and pirated the design…

Death by China new exprmnt (Peter W. Navarro and Greg Autry)

Now here’s what so darkly comic about these counterfeit planes. With each, China first signed a purchase and licensing agreement with Russia. However, once China got delivery of a plane or two, it simply reverse-engineered the Russian technology and then backed out of the deal— which just goes to show you there is no honor between a thief and a thug. In response to getting ripped off not once but twice, an angry Russian Defense Council Member, Colonel Igor Korotchenko, discounted the Chinese knockoffs by claiming in the Russian International News Agency that: “The Chinese J-15 clone is unlikely100 to achieve the same performance characteristics of the Russian Su-33 carrier-based fighter.” Then he added, “I do not rule out the possibility that China could return to negotiations with Russia on the purchase of a substantial batch of Su-33s.” Wel , don’t hold your breath, Colonel.
Death by China new exprmnt (Peter W. Navarro and Greg Autry)

China’s development of the J-17 il ustrates yet another of the many covert ways that the People’s Republic is acquiring sensitive military technologies. In this case, China used the backdoor vehicle of a phony “joint venture” with Pakistan—and some opportunistic French intervention—to magical y create a path to circumvent the European Union’s weapons ban on China. And, speaking of magic, the Chinese Air Force recently puled out of its col ective hat a diverse array of technological y advanced, remote-control ed, and self-guided “drones.” These are the same kind of unmanned craft that America has used with great effectiveness in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

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