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Russia Readies Itself for Coup in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 7, 2012

Excellent find by the King. Russia apparently fears a coup coming in China.

From the King

(PS on this fourm I’m “Frozen Poo in Cangzhou”, same as Gowron angry posts. (I post my death list there), Where I got the name from. My first few nights two years ago in the big stinky, was in a flop house, where young college-workers would come in and MISS the fucking hole in the ground, so when a tired sleepy Canadian guy goes to take a piss…., another time, when I was introduced to the communical poo buildings (every so often you’d see a block of houses, (by some fields), every so often in a tier 2 city, These are serviced by a dimly lit cement building with black holes, where the Chinese ghosts goes every night, into a deep well to Hades. so picture this 3 am and you have to go, (they probably have Chamber pots fot this wow 13th century technologly you’re catching up to ancient Rome China 600 more years as the world as INDIA has blasted off into space to fight the Borg, you guys may master Newtonian up and down physics (hint, things fall down from the sky like buildings), anyways…… That’s me Frozen Poo in Cangzhou. (the first place I tried to start this Chinese adventure, if my business partner wasn’t such a fucking crack head with grade mother fucking 6 education ( you know when we were all little chubbies on Lay’s Doritos and Jolly Ranchers first came out with Pogs? remember pogs?, wow found a kid playing Pogs this Christmas in Cangzhou)… Good ol flop house beside the CVC (Cangzhou Vocational College), essensially all I saw was a bunch of idiots walking around aimlessly.

But if the FSB (KGB), thinks something is going on in China… something not cool, then something wild is happening. Care to speculate Wtd? you live up there.

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Hookers and Gambling , Another Day of Chinese News

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 7, 2012

Epic News from the King of Canada and all that is good
All rise for the reading of the King


Seeee why I want to leave this fucking country, because I’m gambling with my life, and the wonderful things I could be doing for Canada, to help evolve an already cool land of freedom (America is awesome too, but I’m not allowed to live there). Anyways, these wonderful things to help prosperous countries continue saving the world, won’t happen. If I’m dead. And if I die in China. It’s like that scene on platoon, where the grunt wanted to leave on the helicopter because he had a “bad bad feeling”…. I can see it now, weeks from my eventual evacuation from China. Then boom, I take the CHR, or take teh maglev to the airport, or this simple metro, or taxi, the driver wants to make one fucking Kuai, and we’re all dead. Then I going up to my grandmother’s dead crow ghost body and kneeing her in the tummy in Chinese hell, for borneing me as a Chinese.

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