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Another Chinese Stock Sold inUS Accused of Fraud

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 12, 2012

Chinese companies sell stock in the US for they now most of you have never been here and assume that the Chinese have a level of civility and honor. Thus, you are now proven to be the dumb bastards you are by trusting anything from China, espeically stocks, or milk, or produce.
In any event, AutoChina Internatioanl is being charged with fraud and if you own this stock then you deserve it and I hope you are forxed to beg outside of Wal Mart for a job. I mean really, are you that stupid to trust a Chinese company?
Think about it. These people poison their own kids to make a buck and you think they will treat you fairly…..
You deserve to lose your money for not being well informed…
Story here http://www.sec.gov/news/press/2012/2012-59.htm

Washington, D.C., April 11, 2012 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged AutoChina International Limited and 11 investors, including a senior executive and director at the China-based firm, with conducting a market manipulation scheme to create the false appearance of a liquid and active market for AutoChina’s stock.

ps you dumbasses, this is the third such investigation of a Chinese compnay in three months. dont you see the trend?

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The King Rocks , Rolls and Rants

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 12, 2012

From the one and only Gowron…

“Every fucking evening girly, high pitched squeeals of “men” mousy “men”, in very very tight pants, making silly noises like this, as they pass by my “inn” you know those really shitty cheap apartments built under those apartment blocks? That they renovated into a apartment-hotel. Every fucking evening, belching out squealies on the phones, prospective renters, arguments in the halls or just plain ol stupdity…. Like in the fuck is Dolly Bolly, what does this mean? (Dou Le, Bou Le ya). but the Gibberish of mashing up words, with Chinese you get some sort of soufle of aquadic creatures gargling, (like a fish creaature). (when they bloop their U, R, er, especially in Shanghai, especially in the north), so what you learned in Mandarin class is useless.So here I am trying to spend a quiet evening then I get door banging, yeee yeee yeee, and other distruption. Just as this morning, when some little Chinese monkey kept on banging on someone’s door.

I think they do this to dilibratly be jerks. If this being the case. Guess what I’m doing when I finally get my walking papers. walking around with a Tuba, around the fat ones here, and making ba ba ba ba ba booom ba ba ba a booom, notes, that indicate you’re a fat ugly Chinese fuck with a pig mutant face with square fuzzy hair. Then I’m doping all these faggot’s clothes, down the stairs so they’re unretrivable Then I’m taking my potato peeler Shanking the TV (unplugged), so it must be replaced, taking the potato peeler To unsheaf the washer wires All of the wire’s mylen (nerve protine coating of our nerves, ummm the plastic coating on wires). This way, There is no way in hell these fuckheads can plug in the wires without zapping themselves. Or perhaps I should just pour water on these unsheafed cords, so that there is an EMP blast in halls of hell. I Good thing my potatoe peeler has a “saw” blade. I’m sawwing the hanger bar, so they can’t hang clothes and will have to replace it. And as gross as this sounds. I’ll be wearing gloves I’m going to bung up the shower drain with my own you know what. Just to be a REAL , with all sorts of house hold garbages. Or even better leave the air con alone. and put garbage and my own shit, in the air outtake. In the stove’s fan area.
Like how dare this place chage me 1600 RMB for yee yee yeeeeeeee yeee yeee yeeeeee. that is if I’m leaving in 3 months, when my Visa expires, or do I do the SMS thing and see how much more punishment I can take, by watching the heart attack inducing news, reading it I mean. And listening to yeee yeeee yeeeee faggas who say yeee yeee yeeeee yeeee yeeee yeeee yeeee yeeee yeeee yeeeee yeeeee yeeee. Just to be a squaky voice fag. Yes dude I know you’re there, I know you have a high pitched voice, and I know you’ What the fuck am I doing here. I could be living in Whistler in a 100K (Cheap), condo, or house (getting stoned until jesus the good Lord returns to whisk us all to Video game land (aka my heaven). Like why am I here in listening to arguments, growling women’s voices, girly man’s voices yeee yeeee yeeee, and building a cheap boat, out of a Kit, so I can sail to North Korea, and make a run for it, so I can get some sort of Freedom medal or something. Or participate in ferrying necessary materials to isolated areas to combat poverty, Oh well I guess here’s where I pay my dues, and earn the resources for this dream, one of many.

tonights “Yeee Yeee Yeeee” (news). Like these tight pants non drop of testostrone, soft skinned castrados cant even give me one night where I could eat my junk food (Found some pudding, at last!), donuts, (I’m Canadian, we need donuts to live), and some coconut milks, But I’m accosted with Yeeee Yeee Yeee, and other nonsensical jibberish.

So maybe that’s the life form me. Just being a Ski Bum, and represent Team Canada, live with a bunch of like minded enviromentalists in Whilstler, (If any of you British Columbians are out there, a big hearty fuck you and your paradises, I’m so jealous! Why Can’t Alberta have paradises like this?), I could like just fuck off from Earth with some shrooms dope, and wander the forests naked, hmmmmm or I could go back to Calgary, high morgage, “Big City life”, my beloved Flames LOSING (again damn you and your Canucks, and all the so called big money I make in Alberta with no taxes, and American like (Govenor Arnie like policies, Bush like policies, it’s strange Alberta is more North than the “North”, but they more “South” than the “South. Meh my family are in Calgary lol. But Goddamit 100K in Whistler a beautiful paradise yuppie ski village… Like the avarage home in Calgary in a non crack hood, is at least 500,000….And like Atlanta, it suburbianites and grows and grows and grows….

Well here’s to hoping that the last of the Bushite-Nobama stupidity blows over, and we can rebuild Americanada. People people just 5 dollars a month, does SOOOOO much for America, that’s. 1.5 Billion ( 5 into 300 Million) a Month times that by 12 more is some Crazy number.

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Chinese Sanitation

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 12, 2012

This is a Chinese toilet. So let me understand this. The Chinese have been around for thousands of years and this is all they can think of for a ‘hygienic toilet’?

Thousands of years and still not civilized

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Chinese Sidewalk Collapses, Woman Scalded to Death

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 12, 2012

Imagine this scenario. You are Chinese so your life sucks, but you do the best ya can. So youre walking along thankful that you no longer have to worry about being served up for supper at din din time, and your brothers and sisters are safe too. Sure you live in one of the most repressive regimes in the world which is run by some of the most evil savages on the planet, but you can always walk in peace. And then…

You walk and are like “AH what the F” and you fall through the concrete and then you are like
Ahhhh shit, it hurts, please help me oh help me!!!!!

and then you are boiled in scalding hot water and a week later you die.

Sound crazy? Well, it happened here in Beijing. An old woman was doing nothing more than walking along when the sidewalk cracked and she tumbled in. The problem was that a hot water pipe had burst at the spot and she landed in a boiling cauldron and then died.

The thing about this country is that they say thousands of years ago it was more advanced then the rest of the world, but if that is true, why do they still shit in the streets and build houses with a half life of a peeled banana?

story here

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Terrorist or Chinese Fashionista?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 12, 2012

Chinese will drape just about any garment over their body for whatever reason. Here is a prime example. I guess this lady is looking for that fashion show in Shanghai, or perhaps she’s just trying to beat the sun…

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You Know You’re in China When…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 12, 2012

From the King
you know you’re in China when…
The athletic representatives of your own country are so paranoid of the food quality (a pillar industry), raise their own live stock, so that they don’t get charged with cheating (doping).

You know you’re in the big stinky when, you the government tells your own athletes (representatives of your country, in this case the Big Stinky) not to eat meat. That YOU know your own food supply is seriously fucked up and compromised.


Two more months to go until we are entertained by the clown antics of Team China.

Fuck you China.

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