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Chinese Sidewalk Collapses, Woman Scalded to Death

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 12, 2012

Imagine this scenario. You are Chinese so your life sucks, but you do the best ya can. So youre walking along thankful that you no longer have to worry about being served up for supper at din din time, and your brothers and sisters are safe too. Sure you live in one of the most repressive regimes in the world which is run by some of the most evil savages on the planet, but you can always walk in peace. And then…

You walk and are like “AH what the F” and you fall through the concrete and then you are like
Ahhhh shit, it hurts, please help me oh help me!!!!!

and then you are boiled in scalding hot water and a week later you die.

Sound crazy? Well, it happened here in Beijing. An old woman was doing nothing more than walking along when the sidewalk cracked and she tumbled in. The problem was that a hot water pipe had burst at the spot and she landed in a boiling cauldron and then died.

The thing about this country is that they say thousands of years ago it was more advanced then the rest of the world, but if that is true, why do they still shit in the streets and build houses with a half life of a peeled banana?

story here

One Response to “Chinese Sidewalk Collapses, Woman Scalded to Death”

  1. Brewskie said

    More stuffin’ for the vault. I don’t know how much more it can hold… I don’t trust those Chinese-made hinges held together by Bazooka Joe bubble gum… They’re gonna give someday and there will be a blizzard of info. on shitty Chinese infrastructure flying everywhere.

    BTW – Been busy lately. When things settle down, the good seasonal brews from Brewskie will come around again.

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