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Chinese Students Gunned Down in USA, Record Numbers Still Come

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 14, 2012

Two one child disappointments got gunned down in the USA, but still tons of Chinese are applying to study there. Almost 150,000 of these sons of bitches, I mean sons of communist party leaders are invading our humble homes. Now before you think my words about the Chinese are harsh, go ahead and ask the little vermin what their folks do. They will rarely if ever fess up. I taught at a few universities here and 85% of all those going overseas were offspring of governmental officials, aka thieving bastards.
Just google Bo Xilai and see what communist leaders are like. This man was slated to be a top dog in china till he angered some commies.
The communist party was going to promote him even though it is alleged he killed six people and his wife allegedly killed four more. Aside from this his little sick twist one child strumpet, Bo guagua allegedly is controlling the billion dollars the family extorted while in office. Just do a google search and you will see.
Studying little commies in the USA

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