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Boobs, News, and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 15, 2012

The King on China…

“See the problem is that if these tight pant flat crotches, don’t pop a boner during the sketching scene, then the Chinese public will KNOW there is something fucking up their hormones. That’s why the Reds removed the so called “sex” scene. Because their so called reason of not wanting to look like strange freaks, the time has gone beyond that, China is known as a land of of shit demons (extrementals, demons made of feces on Jay and Silent Bob’s “Dogma” movie), creepy “bosses” who stand up proudly sans pants after going in the streets. Like I’m debating weither or not to apply for AISH (handicapped Dole, of the Albertan government) based on me losing my mind. I’ve seen very very STRANGE shit, (literal, everything from my psychotic step mom coaching my baby sister to go in the garbage can). Like I’m not sure that this is not just a seriously badddddddd Acid trip and I’m just sitting in my living room, these past 8 hours tripping, like where GROWN adults shit their pants…. ummm I think it’s way way way too late for China to change their image of being a freaky place, so why bother to censor Kate Winslet’s boobs? Why censor porn? China is a weird place. Porn is illegal, yet running over children is perfectly ok.


http://shanghaiist.com/2012/04/10/photos_cross_dressing_cosplay.php Just like these soft skins. Keep fagging on China, fag on.

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The Reality of China’s Economy

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 15, 2012

The Big Brewskie, who pierced through the veil of Chinese deceit many a moon ago, shows proof of his assertion that much of what happens in China and her economy is smoke and mirrors….

From the BrewMan..

“Jim Chanos on China in under 9 minutes…


Western suckers: hope you’re not investing in Chinese banks – they’re down 30-40% the past two years!”

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Holy Shit! more Crazy Chines Propaganda Vids

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 15, 2012

Can you believe the freaking Chinese did this only fifteen years ago, freaking fanatics!

And this one is the red guards. A band of vigilante things who were from ten to twenty who supposedly killed millions of people. These people are bizarre

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Communism is good, Crazy Chinese Propaganda

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 15, 2012

Here is a note from the king. Check out the video, and below is the original video with English subtitles. Look at how brainwashed these freaks are!!!!

From the king

4 Chinese “warriors” fagging it up to “Socialism is Good”. Oh my god I feel like I’m having a very very peaceful STROKE right now. PS I’m in HK airport, again 4 hours of freedom. PS China, PS Guagua (Means Fruit Fruit), Fuck yourself you rosy cheeked little faggot.

English subtitles to this song

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Bo Xilais Kid Seeks Asylum in USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 15, 2012

What a faking joke””””
Bo Xilai, aka the alleged murder of six people and the same man whose wife allegedly had four people put to death and sent over a billion dollars to the USA that they stole from the Chinese have their vile offspring in the USA at Harvard. Now the little bastard is seeking asylum…wtf
Ok a punk comes from a family of alleged mass murderers and we give him asylum……whose ck is he sucking?

Is this typical that we allow the progeny of alleged killers to stay in our peaceful place?
No wonder all those vile little Tiny Chicoms are coming here…
Fuk u china and fuk u USA if u accept this punk Bo guagua


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My Neighbor the User, Life in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 15, 2012

I live in china, consequently, my neighbors are all Chinese. Now remember that Chinese are a member of hominids, they are one of the three types. There are caucasoids, mongloids and negroids, and aside from subtle differences such as the shape of the femur, bones in calf and buttocks, proportion of forearm length to upper arm, we are all basically the same. We all supposedly descended from some old African woman who surprisingly enougH looks like that sway back, saw toothed ogre we call mrs Obama. But I digress.

Chinese are part of the mongloids, but what I am referring to when I use the term Chinese, is those people doomed to exist in the big stinky, aka china.

This special class of characters, is burdened with millennia of despotism , ignorance and fear.

Now what some of you have come from civilization, ie not china, may fail to realize is how disturbed this culture is. MaoMao and crew succeeded in uniting this place and then systematically brutalized or allowed one of the greatest and most perverse prolonged attacks on a people in recent history. MaoMao was allegedly the reason for over 70 million deaths, but again I digress.

As part of Mao’s attack on humanity, was the establishment of the brutal dictatorship called communism. The fruits of this form of governance are no oversight, no laws and rampant corruption, but again I digress,

The impact on the people, here, is the widespread distrust of one another and the …what’s in it for me….mentality. Think of them as what you would consider to be a user, but to the nth degree. An example of this may shed light on the mentality of your common Chinese .

As guests in this dump, we are expected to speak in English to all Chinese we meet. Being Chinese they are to cheap to pay for a proper English lesson and this is our tax for being able to live here. Aside from that, you are inundated with people who go out of their way to catch a quick five minute talk, aka practice their English. If they weren’t such a lecherous bunch, this oddity would be charming, perhaps, but it is not. One thing is to live in
a country like Brazil or Colombia where the people are warm hearted and genuinely give more than they get, but this is china, random acts of kindness are more of a mystery than that stupid backwards walk thing all those old folks do in chinas anemic parks.

Take for example, what happens when you move into any neighborhood in a civilized land. You are treated to cakes, a warm smile, some brownies, or a quickie by your neighbors who would like to welcome you to their little area. But then there is china.

The other day as I walked to the pit of grunge where I am forced to exist, a Chinese guy ran up to me. It turns out he’s my neighbor, and being Chinese he did the most natural thing, he tried to get something from me. He explained that he cannot speak english so I should help him….

Hmmmm, ok I do not know him, nor his interests, but by some Chinese mental gymnastics, the most rational thing in the world would be for me to invest hour upon hour teaching this guy how to speak. Of course he would not pay me, why should he?

I explained that I am busy and the little time I have off I must blog about the wonders of china. But like a pit bull, the guy would not relent. He tried to tie me down on a time and place in chinch to teach him. From that moment on, I live in fear of seeing this guy and explaining once again that I have no more interest in seeing him, then hearing another word about trayvon Martin.

The odd thing is that in all countries I have visited and or lived, they did not make as big a deal about saving face as china does, and face is a thing that china definitely does not possess.

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