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How China Cuts Labor Costs

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 16, 2012

This is how China controls costs and what the world is going to be like with the rise of China. These tents are where chinese construction workers live, no kidding. Anyone who went to the Olympics saw these tents but did not know what they were- maybe.

The thing is that Chinese treat their people like animals or worse. What these tents exemplify is how China works. The tents have no shower facilities and no bathrooms. They sleep a dozen men and have a stove inside. I tried to get a shot of the inside but the crew would not allow me to do so.
And remember, these tents are in the heart of Beijing.

So, the Chinese construction companies bring all these workers from Sichuan and the like and pay them $120 per month if they are lucky. Then, the bosses stuff them into tents like animals, where they will live for the duration of the project. That means they can live in such spartan conditions for up to six months.

A dozen guys, no running water nor toilet and twelve to fifteen hour days. This is China. This is how they control costs.

This is how they treat their people.

In addition, what quality of work do you think these people are capable of? And are we, civilized countries, to emulate such behavior to make a buck?
As China rises, she yanks down the soul of the world into the abyss of despair and ignorance. (BrewMan share this with your construction buddies and tell them if we do nothing about China, they will soon be living like this as well)

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