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Chinese Student in US Allegedly Rapes Woman- His Family Tries to Bribe Victim

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 17, 2012

Here is a story from the global times
It says that the piece of shit pictured raped a woman in Iowa, my home state and Iowa’s best university. The U of Iowa.
This scrawny pos needs to head to Fort Madison where some aryan bros and mara salvatrucha or bloods can teach him a little respect.
A bean pole like he should go over very well with the fellas in gen pop.
I feel for the woman, but more upsetting is the fact that this commie fuck’s parents flew to the USA just to bribe the victim.wtf?

Here are excerpts from here (http://www.globaltimes.cn/NEWS/tabid/99/ID/705006/Chinese-student-arrested-for-rape.aspx)

“A Chinese student accused of raping a woman in the US has been arrested and his parents held by local police after they allegedly attempted to bribe the victim, the China News Service (CNS) reported.

Tang Peng, a 21-year-old student in the University of Iowa, did not show up in the Johnson County Courthouse last week, and his attorney said Tang did not accept the charges, according to the CNS report.

The victim told the police that Tang locked the door when she showed him the apartment bedroom, then tied her hands and used a towel to cover her mouth before sexually assaulting her.

Tang is accused of first-degree kidnapping and rape and faces life in prison if convicted.

Tang threatened the woman with a knife, and then shot a series of nude photos of her, claiming that the photos would be published on the Internet if she called the police, the victim told the newspaper.

After the alleged kidnapping, police had the woman message Tang, who agreed to meet her again. Once Tang showed up at the apartment, she identified him as the attacker and he was taken into custody, according to a police search warrant, The Daily Iowan reported.

ang’s father, Tang Xuefan, 57, and mother, Li Qiao, 49, arrived in Iowa on April 5 – roughly a week after the alleged kidnapping. Six days later, Iowa City police charged them with attempting to bribe Tang’s alleged victim, according to Iowa City police.

According to US law, bribery of witnesses or jury members could lead to an increased sentence for Tang.

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