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Rape, Pillage and Plunder, Chinese Subway

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 17, 2012

Today, like every day for the past couple of years I took the Beijing subway to work.

To understand China, one need only ride the subway, then one can experience the center kingdom at its best. But perhaps I should provide a little background.

China is a developing country, which means it is basically poor. They have the second most number of billionaires, 90% of whom are communist party members aka thieves, and a handful of others who are well-heeled. Beyond that, it is all used up polyester dress shirts, dollar a day workers and a country for whom middle class means earning U$10,000 per year. (this is factual- google it)

Aside from this, China kills many of its kids, mostly girls, because culturally speaking girls are a hassle, cannot carry on the family legacy and when they marry they reside with the boy’s side of the family. There has been so much of a desire to control the ‘plague’ of girl babies that China has or will have 30 million men who cannot find a wife.

An impact of this is that for many Chinese men, getting to actually experience a woman’s junk is more remote than setting foot on the moon. Thus, being the kind of people they are, many Chinese guys literally grab at each opportunity they can to actually feel a Chinese woman. The subway is one venue.

Chinese subways are a noxious mix of Caligula and the movie 300 where its every man for himself. Lesbians neck in the corner while men push aside pregnant woman to grab at a recently vacated seat, villagers sit on the ground cutting their toenails, and the Chinese ‘one loser policy spawn’ grope for coozle.

occasionally the Chinese woman call the guys out on this and screech that hey are not hookers and should not be touched, and all the Chinese duds are like ‘what ? who me?

But in reality, many of them partake in the event. If it were not so repugnant, it would be comical to watch the poor women as they hug their Grucci purses to their miserly chests in hopes of covering up a lilliputian segment of their body and protect it from the wandering fingers of some hard up boy/man.

It is with a sense of resignation that is peculiar to the Chinaman, that settles into the eyes of the women as they realize that in China it is a man’s world.

Although Chairman Mao proclaimed that women hold up half of the sky, he failed to mention that while they were doing so, the Chinese guys were stuffing their feeble hands up the woman’s knickers, after all, the woman had left themselves vulnerable….

(oh yeah, the pic is of a Chinese guy named Tang Peng who is accused of raping a woman at the University of Iowa. From what I can tell, not much has been said about it on campus. The truly Chinese aspect of the case is that after the rape, the pos’s family flew to Iowa to bribe the victim into not pressing charges. Now the mom and dad are also being held for their crime. This has lead me to watch the series Oz, with increased interest, as I can only hope that a guy like Adabezi gets ahold of the family)

(ps. I think the vic was Chinese for she had put an add to rent a house on ren ren to which he had responded.. Most non Chinese in civilization have never heard of)

China, so much time, so little humanity

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