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Why Come to China?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2012

The reason that many come to China is obvious, its a panacea of filth, sloth, perversion, ecological disaster and greed.
Allow me to explain. Please take my hand as I lead you on the path of understanding.
Companies like china for they can purchase the soul of a local for 100 bucks a month. With that cash they are not only entitled to 12 hour days 28 days a month, but can also lord over the workers like one of the local reds.In addition they can pollute as they wish, after all, it’s only locals that they harm.

Businessmen like to come here for they can expense a rub and tug, or a shot of ass, after all, most of the bean counters back home have no idea what business travel to china includes.

Guys like china for we understand math. There are only 69,000 Americans here. Assume half to be men, that’s 34,500 dudes. China has 650,000,000 women. Of course these must be shared amongst the other 300,000 foreign guys, but you do the math. After all, what Chinese chick is not willing to drop the linen, for a shot at a green card from abc, anywhere but hell aka e big stinky.

the best counter argument to this point, is that china has 650,000,000 women, but they are made in china, thus most are not worth a damn. They are slothful ,ignorant, stink like garlic and uglier than a baboons ass.

Conservitely speaking, that still leaves a couple million and change who are not appalling.

Students like china for Chinese schools suck, cheating is encouraged, and see the last point, lots of coozle.

Politicians love china for here, you know exactly whom to bribe. For a ten spot you can buy a son to daughter of most anyone here, just ask an official for help.

Yeah, China is rising and the world is falling. I miss Mao, he kept them in line.

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