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Personal Smog Meter, a Chinamans Friend

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 21, 2012

Check out this device. It’s a personal smog meter. The device can be worn by anyone and measures how much pollution one is being exposed to.
This is what everyone in china needs, but something the Chicoms would outlaw.
I am taking up a collection, who wants to help me buy one?


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My Communist Friends, Bo Xilai and Chinese Justoce

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 21, 2012

Some of my friends are communists, but let me qualify that. Most are not dyed in the wool communists, but those who joined to get a leg up on the competition.

These friends give me an insight into the inner workings or bowels of the party, as far as they are concerned.
Bo xi lai, is a hot topic these days, so let’s explore it.

To give u the readers digest version
Bo Xilai, or bad boy Bo, as I like to call him, is a princeling or the spawn of some famous Chinese revolutionary, aka some old bastard who ran like a whipped mule from the Japanese in ww2 and then rolled into Beijing and proclaimed it commie in 1949.

Bo’s dad was Bo yibo, which is Chinese for yucky chopsticks leave ass itch at bed time, or so it is said, but I digress.

B Xilai, or bad boy Bo, or bxl is a princeling who went to chongqing, china , which just so happens to be the biggest city in the world, and he cleansed it from corruption. The problem is that china is so fraking corrupt that he made enemies.

Now the reds are crucifying bxl. Now, as Brewskie pointed out, saying bxl is corrupt is like saying xxxx , who plays in the nba is tall, it’s a relative thing. By their own reckoning 90 some percent of the commies are corrupt, my friends have admitted as much.

So, today. I was talking to a commie, a very nice and centered woman who is a post 80 s person. We got on the topic of bxl, and her passion for the man taught me something, china is fked. The reasons are many, but one is that corruption is so bad that the people have had enough. Will Hutton gives the place a few years and my friends agree.

The problem is that the Chinese are brainwashed, but not dumb. They choke on the smog, they see the commies sending their kids overseas then desert china like stinking rats, leaving a steaming pile of pig shit for the locals.

Thus, for the 1,299,000,000 Chinese who cannot emigrate, china sucks. Sure they can skim the history books and patronize themselves by thinking of times past, but china of today is screwed.

Thus, these newly reds are upset. And a guy like bxl spoke to them. He was a red, but he loved them, and a little love is what they need.

So when a guy like bxl goes down, the
Locals are like ,
Hey china fuk you!
They are like,
We know u rob us blind and we allow it, but u gotta row us a bone or were going to rebel.

And then at hey simmer
Right now, this is place is mt vesuvius and the locals know it. There are factions within factions and it cannot last.

You can tell how serious it is by the fact that over 500,000 Chicoms want to study in the USA. They know, that they, like their friends in 1989, will get citizenship when china implodes. They are thus merely biding their time
The reality is that I live in a tinderbox, set next to match factory, and am crazy enough to wait and see what happens…

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Chitanic Leaking Water-Construction Industry in Trouble

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 21, 2012

China is good at one thing, fouling stuff up. They can ruin rice, milk, religion and now construction companies. Many are going belly up. The reason is all the cash spent on paying for communists to send their kids overseas so they can obtain citizenship when china fails or when their dads foul up. Bo guagua is a prime example


Investment risk for mainland China’s construction industry has increased, due to their high liabilities and the number of firms, and now most listed construction companies have a negative cash flow, reported Liu Minkang, former chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission on April 19. He cautioned that should those construction firms go to Hong Kong to float bonds for fundraising, the move would cause much trouble.
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Rain and Idiotic Chinese Planning

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 21, 2012

Beijing is seeding clouds in an attempt at generating water to wash the grit away. Unfortunately, the grime in this dungs heap goes to the soul. In any event, the cloud seeding worked and it’s raining shards.

The problem with that is two fold. One thing is that chinese can be crazy nationalists, thanks to commie brainwashing. Thus, cabbies turn into fktards and scoot past foreigners, just to rescue a yellow fellow. In Beijing I have not seen this much, but heard its common in places like wuhan and all over Hunan.

So Chinese, with an ugly red scar where their soul should go, drive past foreigners who are dripping wet, just to assist their kind.

If you can’t get a cab, then you walk. And the Chinese, possessing the intellect they do , decided to build sidewalks and walkways with a coefficient of friction of mercury. The impact of this is that as you slip along trying to get a cab, you pull a Dorothy Hamilton then a face plant, all because some dumbass, mal trained communist thought that a faux marble floor would go really well with the subway.

China, so many Chinese, so few humans

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