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China Construction= “Lookout Below!”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 22, 2012

A rant on construction in the big Stinky, aka China….

Actually whenever we adresse something from China, the word “shitty”, “corrupt” or “crappy” or “evil” or “unjust” or “soon to be disaster” should be used. As an example, Hu Jintao is the (unjust) president and leader of the (evil) (corrupt) communist party which has announced plans for an increase in (corrupt) (crappy) (soon to be disaster) projects.

My humble hovel, which has the square footage of a postage stamp costs over 500 thousand civilized dollars. It has two toilets, one of which has never worked and then other is always on the fritz.

The sink leaks water from somewhere behind the wall and runs onto the counter and also has caused a colony of mold to share the kitchen with me.

At least one of the elevators in both my house and my work, are broken on a daily basis. Thus an elevator bank of three is reduced to two.

The roof of my hovel leaks, I mean the main structure.

The stairs at my work sway more than a ‘zoomba’ professional, and the walls are cracking.

What the rest of the world, from the outside, perceives as progress is nothing more than a slapdash decision to earn bribes by constructing tofu buildings of questionable quality.

(ps. King where are ya? Give us some love)

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“Shag-HI”,- and Shitty Chinese Construction Projects

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 22, 2012

Here is a good one from the King of Brews, Brewskie. He is addressing the issue of crappy Chinese construction. “Shag-hi” is a pseudonym for the ‘whore of the orient’ aka Shanghai….

From the BrewMan….

Is “Shag-hi’s” – and China’s for that matter – rail system really that bad? Would an NFL fat man, or a sumo wrestler bomb an Olympics figure staking competion? Yes; and the trains seems skate track as well as the NFL fatties dance on ice. Why doesn’t China learn from Japan, who’s been operating bullet trains almost 40 years w/o an accident or fatality?


“Shanghai’s subway riders (I am one) are all-too-familiar with bungling conductors who often ignore signals and don’t line up train cars with platform doors. Shanghai Subway Line 10, along which the Sept. 27 accident took place, has only existed for 18 months but had already become notorious. One day, a train car’s glass doors spontaneously shattered. Another day, a conductor led a train down the wrong track, only to then make the dangerous decision to back the train up.

Subway commuters across China have been plagued by similar operational problems and the subway lines’ overall sub-standard construction. In 2008, for example, 10 people were killed in eastern China when a subway tunnel collapsed.”

Here’s to setting priorities when monitoring for crappy tunnels that may collapse: install x-ray machines… you know, in case terrorists, too stupid to let the lax construction quality do the work, blow them up.” Too bad the machines didn’t scan out the moron managers and phone operators:

“Before the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, the city opened four new subway lines intended, in part, to ferry visitors to the Expo grounds from airports and other transportation hubs. Many Shanghai residents worried at the time that the lines were being built too hastily to meet safety standards. But city leaders seemed more afraid that the subway lines would be attacked by terrorists during the Expo. Instead of making it a priority to fix problems with the subway’s infrastructure, they installed x-ray machines to scan the bags of passengers.”

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US Universities Curry Favor With Chinese Junior Commies

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 22, 2012

US universities are the equivalent of a long fang hooker, they are loathsome functionaries in a chain of greed and ineptitude , or so it would seem. Actually they may not be that bad, and are the best in the world, but they are kissing chicom ass so much it’s disgusting.

The princelings are experiencing warm welcomes at private schools of the United States, according to an article on Yahoo China. There are about 150,000 Chinese students currently studying in the United States, providing about US$500 million anually to the United States. Since most Chinese people cannot afford to send their children aborad, many Chinese students studying in the United States are the children of officials or businesspeople.


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Blind Chinese Contractors, Chinese Hookers and Forced Investments

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 22, 2012

BrewMan has one of the all time best lines here… See below this comment. Also, he shows us a story of how Chinese are forced into investments they may not ordinarily undertake.

From the BrewMan!
This reminds me of the story of the blind contractor whose bridge collapsed during construction.

With outside investors China currys favor, plays charm, invites them over for wine and KTV nookie in order to sucker dopes into putting coin in the con machine, so the game keeps spinning. In China, they just force their plebeians to feed the pig: .(this is classic)


(In Mandarin, here’s a translation…)

“Zhongguang Wang Liangshan, April 20 (Xinhua Zhen-Xi) Recently, a number of Jining City, Shandong Province, Liangshan County listeners to the Central People’s Broadcasting Station 400-800-0088 News Hotline phone call, they reflect the end of March this year Liangshan County, the majority of organs and institutions of workers began to receive a notification issued in the county federation, asking them to buy a financial product. Under the pressure of the unit leadership, and many workers have to buy financial products. So, why the county Federation of Trade Unions financial products offered to the workers? Sale of financial products to raise money and for what purpose? Please listen to the sound of reporters in China Zhen-Xi, a trainee journalist song Tian reported.

Of each employee in accordance with the requirements of the school leadership, the school must be “voluntary” to buy a county Federation of Trade Unions sale of financial products. 10,000 yuan, equivalent to nearly half a year’s wages of Li, Li, and many of my colleagues are not able to bear, has yet to buy and is therefore subjected to the pressure from the leadership.


This is essentially a local government financing behavior, which is based on the authority of government backing, the name of social organizations to circumvent the government’s legal risk and economic risk, it is a serious abuse of power offense. Even more frightening is that in this voluntary under the guise of retaliation to this power to coerce, seriously infringes on the rights of public officers, victims of a public officer, but also facing the issue of relief channels missing.

The reporter found in the survey is not only an urban construction project of Liangshan county government to raise funds through the sale of financial products, Wenshang County, Taian City, the surrounding cities and counties have similar situation. Faced with the behavior of the apportionment of the Government to buy index, as investors, workers who are powerless and helpless. We can only hope that the fund-raising fund-raising to regulate their own behavior, ensure that all procedures are fair, reasonable and legitimate. For the latest progress of events, the Voice of China will continue to focus on.”

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Beijin Pollution Inhuman

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 22, 2012

Here is the Beijing pollution data. The number now is lower than before because they used to measure 2.5 and other, now they only measure 2.5. It was probably due tothe fact that the Chicoms were upset that the USA embassy published these reports. After all, the commies do not want the people to know just how horrible this place is…
Time: 20:00 Type: PM2.5

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