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Video of Chinese Queue Jumper Getting Knifed as Guard Does Nothing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 23, 2012

This video epitomizes China at soooo many levels. The pictures show part of the story, but I suggest watching the video.

The bottom line is that the victim is a guy who jumped the queue and got in front of the assailant’s girlfriend.

The assailant, being from China, did what any normal Chinese guy would do; he pulls out a knife.

Then the security guard, being form China, did what any Chinese security guard would do, he watched as the assailant stabbed the victim repeatedly and did nothing.

The vic aka pussywussy man, does nothing but looks at the assailant as if confused.

Then, being from China, he does what most Chinese would do, he continues to get his cash from the money machine even though he is bleeding form his back and face.

WTF is up with this place???????????????????????

Video here http://static.youku.com/v1.0.0227/v/swf/loader.swf?VideoIDS=XMzgzMjk5NzY0&embedid=MjA3LjIwNC4yNDkuMjQ0Ajk1ODI0OTQxAgI%3D&wd=

Either cut and paste the link to your browser, or click the hyperlink above.

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Chinese Corruption vs. USA- WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 23, 2012

The big Brewskie knocks the reds on their haggard asses with this one….

Check it.. The BrewMan is addressing, among other thing, tiny little red offspring invading US universities, shitty US universities accepting them and Chinese corruption in general. (note to readers, Chinese corruption is redundant, henceforth, just assume that when I write ‘China’ you can add, ‘shitty’ , ‘corrupt’ and as many other potty words as you deem appropriate)

Stepping up to the plate is the Sultan of Swat, Banging Brewskie…..

Full count and here’s the pitch. Brew swings and …holy crap, its going , going. GONE…..

From the BrewMaster
“Shit. Now I feel even less confidant in what’s considered the last esteemable bastion of US education: the US university system (still #1 in the world; claims 50+ of the top 100 university spots in the world).

Just what we need to mop up the fat-laden student costs that lead to “US student debt atherosclerosis” these days: the CCP, and their inbred DNA! You fucking rich US Wall Street pricks: why don’t you take some of your “Goldman Sucks” bonus money, and your sorry-ass excuses not to kick in slightly higher taxes, and pitch in some college tuition (states have been cutting state college funding lately) to help poor debt-laden students who need it?

You Wall Street fucks are the second-worst bastion of evil when compared to the CCP dicks. A little factoid reminder for US and EU limp-dick dip shits: if you think the US Congress and federal government overall is exuberantly corrupt (and they are), remember, the 70 wealthiest members of China’s congress ALONE are worth $90 billion with a “b”; the US Congress, president, and Supreme Court Justices COMBINED are worth $7.5 billion! Holy shit! America’s Congress looks like a trailer home meth lab when compared to the CCP, which looks Griselda Blanco’s (basically the 1st US cocaine drug lord – and yes, she was a woman – who was a mean bitch (she was attributed to over 200 murders via her henchmen) to boot!!!) drug empire on steroids+horse dope+crystal meth+”Belushi Booze” and PCP+Hercules’s asteroid dope combined.

BTW – if you can resolve some of the spaghetti-like, yet logical grammar (too lazy to check for spelling now, studmiesters), you’ll have no problem figuring out China’s a dip shit fake who’s not as strong as you think. Seriously? Everyone complains about the US Congress of being corrupt – and it deserves its criticism. But yet: $7.5 billion vs. $90 billion… among the wealthiest 70 members ALONE!?!? Seriously, if that doesn’t strike you front, center, and middle in the bull’s eye of your frontal lobes as problematic, you should be forced to have your DNA removed from the gene pool – IMMEDIATELY!

Have a good night, kids – Brew.

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Proof of China’s Impending Fall

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 23, 2012

Here is an excerpt that shows how the reds know their days are numbered. “China is set to speed up spending on roads, railways and utilities to boost economic growth, the official China Securities Journal said on Monday, citing government economists.”-http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/23/us-china-economy-investment-idUSBRE83M00W20120423

The reason that I believe this is that construction is the or one of the most corrupt industries in China. Thus, while the reds claim that they are ‘investing’ more in infrastructure projects, it really means that they are in a mad dash to squeeze out as much cash vz bribes, as they can before their fall.

The families of all the current leaders are loaded and 90% of all Chinese millionaire and billionaires are communist party members and their families. Thus, to be red in china means you have cash.

Try a google search on Bo Xilai’s family or even check out this link . Or you can google the son of Hu Jintao, China’s leader or the son of Wen Jiabao and how his company, quite suddenly was able to obtain 500 million civilized dollars to start a company and then 500 million more. yes that is the same Wen Jiabao whose wife supposedly has deep ties, ie kickbacks and control in the jewelry industry and Wen would like to divorce her and supposedly is sickened by corruption within his family.

Thus, in order to understand China, one must understand corruption, its the life blood here. Before the announcement of the Olympics China had no billionaires, now they are second only to the USA. And anyone with a brain, who was here during the Olympics knows how shoddy the projects were due to the number and depth of pet projects which were basically handouts in bribes to the communist leaders. If you were here, or can read, then you know how much corruption touched this place.

Now the commies are in a mad dash to get as much cash into their pockets before this place tumbles…

Will Hutton, author of The Writing on the Wall: China and the West in the 21st Century, which is a brilliant book, believes it will not be long until we see some things change here…
Will Hutton video here

Thus, when looking at the background and the facts, the announcement of such projects should tell us all something…

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Beijing Air Horrible Pollution – Like Living in Chernobyl

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 23, 2012

China, and all communist countries, for that matter, have little concern for the land… and the people… and… oh but I digress.
In China, one of the biggest victims of the communist party is the land.

As you can see by the graphic, the level 0f 2.5 micron particulates is 318, or about 268 higher than what is considered dangerous…wtf?

Yeah, in civilized places, a pm 2.5 count of 50 is considered dangerous and kids and older folks should stay home.

In China a 318 pm 2.5 day is just par for the course.

All hail the rise of China.

(pollution website in China http://iphone.bjair.info/)

ps the chicoms still do not report pm 2.5’s and were upset that the US embassy does. The chicoms claim they do not have the tech to do so…hmmm
They can send ships into space and trains that go fast and yet they cannot obtain a little cylinder to measure pollution…. pps fk u China

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Killer Chopsticks in China- Via liuzhou.co.uk

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 23, 2012

The King found this nugget, and it’s pretty good. I have only checked out this page and one other on the site, but it seems quite funny.

Here is a good article about China manufacturing “Killer” chopsticks…the opening is
“When they aren’t busy trying to kill us by turning our drinking water into cadmium soup, adulterating our yoghurt with melamine, recycling rancid cooking oil or just mowing us down on the streets by driving on the sidewalks, the locals have taken to producing poisonous disposable chopsticks.”

read the rest here or here http://liuzhou.co.uk/wordpress/2012/04/13/poisonous-chopsticks/

I am browsing the website as we speak and found…

in another article, the author says

“Headlines indicating that a new species of human has been found in Guangxi came as no surprise to me. In fact, I’m fairly certain I have met some of them. ”
read the rest here or herehttp://liuzhou.co.uk/wordpress/2012/03/15/red-deer-cave-people/

I just browsed another article by the author and he’s got a good sense of humor, somewhat like that of mylaowai.com
Here is a funny one you can also cut and paste this link http://liuzhou.co.uk/wordpress/2011/12/23/liuzhou-cops-get-their-tools-out/

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