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Beijing Air Horrible Pollution – Like Living in Chernobyl

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 23, 2012

China, and all communist countries, for that matter, have little concern for the land… and the people… and… oh but I digress.
In China, one of the biggest victims of the communist party is the land.

As you can see by the graphic, the level 0f 2.5 micron particulates is 318, or about 268 higher than what is considered dangerous…wtf?

Yeah, in civilized places, a pm 2.5 count of 50 is considered dangerous and kids and older folks should stay home.

In China a 318 pm 2.5 day is just par for the course.

All hail the rise of China.

(pollution website in China http://iphone.bjair.info/)

ps the chicoms still do not report pm 2.5’s and were upset that the US embassy does. The chicoms claim they do not have the tech to do so…hmmm
They can send ships into space and trains that go fast and yet they cannot obtain a little cylinder to measure pollution…. pps fk u China

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