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Chinese Patient Spits Out Bloody Syringe, Dr Says, Oops I Forgot It

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 25, 2012

A Chinese guy had an operation, and of course, the doctor aka some Chinese idiot who wears a smock, but other than that has no more idea about the human body than you or I, ouled it up.


Fifty-year-old Zhang Hua had an operation on his nose at the First People’s Hospital in Hubei on March 22. He was given routine anesthesia during the operation. After the operation, Zhang started to feel ill and had difficulty speaking. He said: “When I came to after the anesthetic had worn off, I had an awful pain in my throat.” The doctor told him it was a normal reaction after the operation.

Zhang, after four hours, vomited and spit out a syringe. He told the reporter: “After vomiting some blood, I felt something stick in my mouth. It was covered in blood, and I threw it in a trash can before I realized it was a syringe barrel.”

Full story

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