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Communist China=Mafia Thug Rule

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 25, 2012

Here are some great comments from the Wall Street Journal. The article was about the Bo Xilai debacle etc. The guy named Dan Laroque seems to have China nailed…

Comments from here

Dan Laroque
How many more Heywoods are out there acting as get-rich-drones for the Communist Party in China? Essentially, Heywood was an enabler for the Bo machine. One is reminded of the God Father movies.

It concerns me that the British and American governments do not fine clever ways to track such people seeking to compromise our national security by enabling Chinese moguls for profit. Essentially, the Heywood types can’t make it in Britain or the US so they “go native” in China, come to enjoy the lavish lifestyle of corruption, and then seek the protection of their citizenship when things go wrong. They also enable the off shore movement of cash out of China and I suspect Heywood held cash and investments for the Bo Machine in Britain. How else can they pay for the high tuition at Harvard?

It bothers me that the WSJ stories on this topic completely fail to get at the corrupt role Heywood had to have played in the Bo Machine. It seems to me that the WSJ, owned by Murdoch, is taking a decidedly soft tone because Heywood is a Brit. Heywood was killed because he knew way way too much and had to have been involved in enabling the corruptions Bo’s wife is thought to have committed.

Most Americans do not understand that the Communist Party in China is a loose consortium of mafia-like dons. You climb the ladder by drinking and sucking up. It is a total unquestioning loyalty system, much like the mafia. It is a “gambay” culture. AS one rises ever higher “face” – reputation – becomes hypersensitive important. One must be most careful not to overly advertise one’s importance while at the same time knowing when and how to crush dissent or one’s enemies. When they drink the trick is to not get drunk, not say the wrong thing, and stay in control.

To say Heywood did not drink is the biggest lie ever. There is no way he was not “gambaying” on command. Anyone saying otherwise does not know China and Chinese politics. Drinking for political gain starts day one in any career. Even the women. Most Americans and British have no clue about Chinese culture.

He went to the meeting because it would have been cultural insult NOT to go. In China there is a strong high requirement to comply with one’s Don. The Bo wife was a Don and there is no way he would have ignored her, if he wanted to stay in China. Heywood very likely had assets in China that he could not have kept should he ignore her. Most Americans have virtually NO clue what China is like. All business is conducted based on trust and family ties. Heywood was a trusted enabler, but NOT part of the family. He was only trusted to the extent that he enabled their corruption. By committing crimes for them his level of trust increased, enabling him to get rich and live a lavish lifestyle.

The same thing happens in the drug cartels and the mafia. After you have made “hits” you come to be trusted. Well, Bo’s wife got investigated and went off the deep end since she suspected someone was rating the family out. Heywood, the foreigner, would be highly suspect, even if he did nothing. Family is everything in China and there is no way he was family. His murder had to have come about because he knew things in too much detail. Heywood was expendable.

I suspect that Heywood was killed because, as the foreigner, he could be used as a way for the family to set an example for the Chinese members of the family machine. If you get out of line, we will kill you just as we did Heywood. It fell apart when the police chief, the “hit man” for the family, got scared and ran to the US Consulate. Heywood probably never said a thing. He was expendable and a dead Heywood would send a powerful message.

The problem that the Communist Party has is that of now seeming to be what they are – a privileged mafia like operation. The kids drive Ferrari’s and go to Harvard. In other words, they can even corrupt Harvard at will. I’d love to see the SATs of the kids.

Steve Meister
Not doing due diligence will get you indicted, but doing due diligence will obviously get you killed.

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