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Hong Kong Rules Against Chinese Birth Tourism

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 29, 2012

Chinese locusts are flocking to civilization to give birth to their tainted progeny. After all, who wants to be a citizen of a vile commie dictatorship?
Hong Kong , who was given back to the savages, has had an influx of mainland wenches going there to give birth. The people from HK, who understand the Chinese are fighting back.
According to wantchinatimes, HK has had enough and will not allow chinese birth tourism anymore. The hospitals do not have to allow and should not take pregnant Chinese mothers….
The sad thing is that this means the she-hyenas will only flock to the USA instead.

3 Responses to “Hong Kong Rules Against Chinese Birth Tourism”

  1. Living in China said

    The mongrels are like algae, they suck the life out of all that is around them.

  2. Kwan said

    The sad thing is that Hong Kong government does not give a damn about the people. China would love to see less colonial Hong Kong people in Hong Kong so it would be easier for them to control.

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