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China Pirates Citizenship

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 30, 2012

Chinese, who are brutally xenophobic and worship the “motherland”, cannot wait to get out of here. They have resorted to knocking off HK citizenship or marriages in order to hatch their disturbed on burden policy child in hong kong. Actually the joke is on them , for the Chicoms and mainland duds are increasing their presence in HK, which means that in due time, it will be just as awful as China.
The Hong Kong government has ordered that both public and private hospitals in the city must stop accepting pregnant women from China whose husbands are non-residents from next year. Non-resident expectant mothers from China who are married to Hong Kong residents will have to submit marriage certificates in order to give birth at four private hospitals assigned by the government.

Yet Hong Kong-based newspaper Ming Pao reports that false marriage certificates may be easily obtained in Shenzhen, the city just across the border in Guangdong province. Genuine-looking fake documents can be bought for only 700 yuan (US$111), the newspaper said, and can often fool Hong Kong law enforcement. Some legislators worry that fake documentation will be used widely unless the territory’s health department conducts on-site verification.


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