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Chinese Journalist Beaten and Hanged for Investigating Corruption

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 30, 2012

China, who is known for her four famous inventions- corruption, sloth, prostitution and xenophobia, are not novices when it comes to human rights abuses either.
In the excerpt below, china shows just why they need to close their doors once more and leave the rest of us alone. The chinese have not learned how to behave like humans.
“Incidents of journalists in China being beaten or abused by their interviewees in the course of their reporting are a common occurrence. An editorial from the China Youth Daily, a Chinese-language newspaper operated by the Communist Party, said local governments are highly sensitive concerning their interaction with media outlets and their chief goal is to stifle journalists.

Last Saturday, a reporter with the Shanghai-based Xinmin Evening News was choked, hanged and beaten by Guo Jun, the secretary of the football association in the northeastern city of Dalian as she reported on a football game between the teams of Shanghai and Dalian. Meanwhile, a journalist was scolded and browbeaten by local [comunist] officials as he investigated claims of officials using public funds for personal travel.

Cao Lin, a commentator with the newspaper, said he was personally invited by local governments many times to attend training sessions for officials, where they were taught how to deal with the media.”


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