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China fact, Killing Chicoms

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 1, 2012

The Chinese communist party is responsible for more unnatural deaths than all previous dynasties combines.

But don’t worry about that. Let’s welcome their kids to our schools and allow them to purchase homes in our neighborhoods, right?

Think about it. If they have enough money to leave china, they are dirty.

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Gu Kailai Bribing Little Bo Guaguas way to Harrow?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 1, 2012

Gu Kailai, whose life expectancy at this point is that of a peeled banana, is said to have attempted to overpay for a service in order to launder dirty money. The money was to be used to pay for tuition for her vile little Bo guagua, who likes to tear around Beijing in a red Porsche and hang out with foreign officials and chicken hawks-allegedly, to attend some English prep school.

The funny thing is that Chinese are so corrupt that have no idea of how to behave in civilized countries. The case of Gu Kailai, unfortunately, is just a symptom of corruption, the cancer of china.

The UK’s Daily Mail reports that Bo Xilai’s wife Gu Kailai asked the British firm Vistarama to accept a secret £150,000 (US$244,000) overpayment for exporting giant helium balloons to China to cover her son Bo Guagua’s school fees at Harrow.

When Vistarama refused the request of the wife of the now-disgraced former Politburo member, she threatened to have the company’s employees thrown in jail if they ever set foot in China.

Gu is currently under arrest, suspected of arranging the murder of the British businessman Neil Heywood in Chongqing last November, while her husband is undergoing investigation for corruption.

According to Giles Hall, director of Vistarama, Gu approached him in 1998 to buy the Bournemouth Eye, a tethered balloon offering views from 500 feet above the town. As her husband was at that time the mayor of Dalian in northeast China’s Liaoning province, Gu wanted a similar balloon for her city.

While discussing importing hundreds of balloons from Vistarama to Dalian, Gu told Hall that she wanted to make an £150,000 “extra paymen”’to the firm. Through Vistarama, Bo and Gu planned to pay for Bo Guagua’s fees at Harrow in secret, as Bo’s official government salary would be insufficient to pay for the fees at the prestigious boarding school. After Hall turned down the proposal, Gu warned him that any employee of Vistarama would be locked up if they came to China. The money-laundering plan eventually failed in any case because the balloons could not be shipped to the port of Dalian directly but had to go through Beijing first. Gu was reportedly furious at the time.



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What the Future Looks Like For 30 Million Chinese Men

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 1, 2012

Blame the one child policy….

pic from mop.com

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Living and Working in China-Urgent, Read Before Coming!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 1, 2012

Here is a post from “European”, who lived in China for nine years. The physical ailments he describes are similar to those two of my good friends underwent after living her.at Comments to European, where did you live, got any good stories and yeah Ifigure two yearsmass, a part of me wants to wait till the tanks roll in to take off, but I agree with all you said! Thanks




…..Yes I lived in China for 9+ years. Not in those “Expat-Palaces” but among -t-h-e-m- and by my own. I stayed waaaaay too long…way too long….I don’t know why. It was a BIG mistake. A BIG mistake. Since a couple of months I am back to civilization.The direct result after living for such a long time in the toilet china is:
Ruined lungs, chronic cough, I became a chain smoker, I am financially ruined. I totally wasted my precious life time and health in the Big Stinky.  I was totally healthy before I came to that god forsaken country…now I have (very) probably left 5-7 years of my life span in there (according to my doctor). I did a blood test right after my arrival: My body was/is contaminated with poisoneous stuff like Lead, cadmium, mercury, manganese and other scary stuff. They even found anabolica, steroids, clenbuterol in my blood. I am not a doper. oh noooo! I never did drugs or shit like that. I just “lived” in China. I just bought food in chinese supermarkets during my long stay and visited those high-class and ultra clean chinese restaurants like you guys and like most common people do…yeah you know those who are so “normal” in china..spitting shit and dirt everywhere….a “normal” chinese toilet restaurant. I went to chinese markets as well to buy “fresh” chinese high-class vegetables and meat.  Chinese food is delicious did you know? It#s world famous. You will remember it forever…..trust me.

I always knew that the daily stinky chemical air, lead dust and coal sky, must have some effect on me at some point..but humans are just very good in: SUPPRESSING the facts. Guys, you are also doing the same by staying there. You are SUPPRESSING reality and the effects of your stay in the toilet excrements dictatorship of china.

But my morale and beliefs stayed intact. Despite all those lies, cheats, dirt, disgusting situations, lowness, primitive racism, incredible stupidity, zhong guo animals, Hypocrisy, lies, lies, dirt, lies, dirt…. I have encountered in the big stinky. I am proud to have beaten 2 chinks unconscious at a time  during my stay there. What a little weak race they are. they have no honour. no balls. just a a red flag with 5 turds and a yellow stinking mouth. My hate grew sky-high. I learnt hate from the chinese. I am waiting to release it back to them. Free of charge.

I am now waiting for the inevitable break down of that bloody toilet construct called “china”. When my country calls for UN volunteers to bring “law and order” to an imploding china, I will be the first to volunteer….yeah…i will show them a lot of “law and order”,  Rest assure of that………………………………………………………….my gun is loaded. Noone will ever notice it in that mess which WILL come. 100%.

My advice to all of you: GET OUT. Living in a smelly toilet corrupts and destroys you. Nothing good can come out of it. Never. You don’t even notice it. GET OUT. Before it is too late for your health and views. China is the cancer of the world. And it is suffering of cancer itself. China was and IS a dying rotten corpse.

That’s it guys. The day will come when the big show starts. Very soon. 2-5 years. Stay close to the airport and leave as long as you can. For the sake oif your health and lives.

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